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LWHAYC The Devil Within part 3 :iconnugapug:nugapug 0 0
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 2
Chapter 2: Nyle gets in the way
It’s about six in the morning, Nyle wakes up and sees the sleeping Bertha safe and sound; she looks around and see that everyone is still asleep. She slowly and calmly gets out of bed since Bertha is on the right side of her bed, and walks to the other room where she hid her mirror.
She looks in one of the closets and found the mirror right next to some leather coats Inkyu hanged up.
“Milly.” Nyle said to the mirror, and the mirror glowed and show the Mildred in the mirror.
(“Yawn) hey Nyle, good morning.” said Mildred.
“Ah thank God, so how did you sleep in there?”
“I just think of a bed and poof it comes to me. Anyway is my sister alright?”
“Yeah she’s fine; she slept with me last night but she was crying her heart out and I have to do something.”
“And let me guess, Absinthe used her cuteness to distract anyone in her path.”
“Yeah, how did you know?”
:iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0
Spooky in the night by nugapug Spooky in the night :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0 Congrats Shgurr by nugapug Congrats Shgurr :iconnugapug:nugapug 9 0 Boulder and Benito by nugapug Boulder and Benito :iconnugapug:nugapug 2 0
Mature content
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 1 :iconnugapug:nugapug 3 0
Mature content
Life with Henry and Yandere Chan S4 finale part 2 :iconnugapug:nugapug 3 0
Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law (fanart) by nugapug Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law (fanart) :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0 Absinthe the Horned Demon Cat by nugapug Absinthe the Horned Demon Cat :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0
Mature content
Life with Henry and Yandere Chan S4 finale part 1 :iconnugapug:nugapug 4 0
Jenna the Hedgehog (total redesign) by nugapug Jenna the Hedgehog (total redesign) :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0 Ferris and Bobo as the Blue Brothers (digitized) by nugapug Ferris and Bobo as the Blue Brothers (digitized) :iconnugapug:nugapug 2 1
Life with Henry and Yandere Chan episode 84
Author's Note:
This episodes about Akademi High School when all of the students came outside and see the Total Solar Eclipse, but the only problem, Klay has a fear of the Eclipse, due to the fear that he'll overpower his flame bending abilities. So it's up to him and Henry and Yandere-Chan to keep him under control.
Episode 84: Klayer Eclipse
It starts off at a beautiful August day where Klay is setting up his favorite coffee table for his wooden living room; he puts down a coaster and a cup of water on the table and sits down lying back on his couch.
"Ah, it feels good to be me," said Klay, "awesome flame bending powers, beautiful sceneries, nothing can go wrong..."
Then the news turned on his television showing about the solar eclipse. It boots up and shows the info about the solar eclipse at the bottom, the picture of the solar eclipse on the top left corner, and a blonde haired news reporter shows up a little messy and has a black eye.
"Hello, I'm reporter Deana Shinbun," said the
:iconnugapug:nugapug 3 0
Katzun fanart by nugapug Katzun fanart :iconnugapug:nugapug 3 0
Life with Henry and Yandere Chan episode 83
Author's note:
This episode, is about King Wolf that has been having some problems of an addiction of wanting to kill like from his old days as a regular wolf, so to regain and destroy the persona that was a meat eating King Wolf, is to be on a meat free diet and to exercise, with a little help from Henry and Yandere-Chan of course.
Episode 83: King Wolf's diet
It starts off at King Wolf's cave sweet cave where King Wolf is setting up dinner with a big stack of t-bone steaks on his one plate to another.
"Oh boy, I can't wait to eat all of this steak," said King Wolf, "this is gonna be so delicious I can just die of love."
Then he hears a knock on the front door.
"Huh, wonder whose at the door?" King Wolf checks it out as he gets up off of his seat and looks through the door hole, seeing that it's Klay standing next to the front door; he opens the door.
"Hey King Wolf." said Klay.
"Hey Klay," said King Wolf, "wanna come in?"
"Sure thing buddy," Klay comes inside and what he sees at what
:iconnugapug:nugapug 3 0
Olymight High School map (The Mighty Braveteers) by nugapug Olymight High School map (The Mighty Braveteers) :iconnugapug:nugapug 0 0


How Spooky's House of Jumpscares Should have Ended
      A marker told me that I had made it to room 999.  It seemed like so many others before it.  They say curiosity killed the cat.  It had nearly killed me several times over.  I wanted to see what this old house on the hill was like.  I did not know it contained this many rooms and I certainly did not think it had this much variety (one part was actually outside).  1,000 rooms just seemed like too many to traverse and take notes on.  Plus, the last specimen I had faced was a mermaid who was trying to eat me.  Why couldn't she have been more like one of those mermaids from the Disney movies?  To be fair, I didn't really like Ariel.
      I went into the 1,000th room and when I looked around, I realized very quickly that it was Spooky’s bedroom.  There were posters of Horror movies from every era on her wall, toys that looked like they were made by Doctor Steel or were modified by Sid from Toy Story,
:iconandyofindiana:AndyofIndiana 21 7
The creator in Sir pelo style by loopy22 The creator in Sir pelo style :iconloopy22:loopy22 9 0 My Favorite Pairings on Cartoon Network by xeternalflamebryx My Favorite Pairings on Cartoon Network :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 282 47 My Little Pony - The Lost Soul (Movie Poster) by nigel5469 My Little Pony - The Lost Soul (Movie Poster) :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 39 15 Spooky's Halloween by StylishKira Spooky's Halloween :iconstylishkira:StylishKira 203 61 Makeover by HoneyBatty16 Makeover :iconhoneybatty16:HoneyBatty16 12 15 My Little Pony - The Lost Souls (Line Drawing) by nigel5469 My Little Pony - The Lost Souls (Line Drawing) :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 20 11 Slushy the penguin by P1ZZ4D3L1V3RY Slushy the penguin :iconp1zz4d3l1v3ry:P1ZZ4D3L1V3RY 3 5 Yanderepara! by CrazyHermine Yanderepara! :iconcrazyhermine:CrazyHermine 25 4 Captain Ella Dorado's Crew (Update) by BreakoutKid Captain Ella Dorado's Crew (Update) :iconbreakoutkid:BreakoutKid 39 11 -record scratch- by Pikokko -record scratch- :iconpikokko:Pikokko 424 14 Oz Birds 1 by P1ZZ4D3L1V3RY Oz Birds 1 :iconp1zz4d3l1v3ry:P1ZZ4D3L1V3RY 3 3 Monika (GIF) by ku-ini Monika (GIF) :iconku-ini:ku-ini 543 26 HoneyBatty x Noah (In a heartbeat) by HoneyBatty16 HoneyBatty x Noah (In a heartbeat) :iconhoneybatty16:HoneyBatty16 21 9 blu by shgurr blu :iconshgurr:shgurr 4,715 315
Christmas Requests
OK i can do christmas requests but here are the rules
- don't request anything to hard other wise i will not draw it 
- You can request anything but rule 34's 
- Send me the refrence sheet what it looks like or what it is 
- characters up to 1-6
- have fun 
:iconloopy22:loopy22 2 15



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Chapter 3: Revenge at night

This begins a few hours earlier during school, after Absinthe was thrown in the fountain. Jeffery was walking Bertha to Henry and Layla at the rooftop.

Both walked through the hallways and up some stairs having a talk with each other.

“Say um, who was that girl that was yelling at you back there?” asked Jeffery.

“She's... she's my sister…” said Bertha.

“Your sister? Well whatever she got that attitude she must've had a brutal past.”

“She didn't, but I did because of her. When I was a baby kitten she turned angry and I don't know why.”

“When you were a kitten? My god this is serious.”

“She's just not a nice sister. When Henry brought her in to surprise me, didn't surprise me at all it was scary. Mildred wasn't a good sister, people think she is because she fakes it. In private she yells at me…”

“That's terrible, and you said her name's Mildred?”

“I thought she was dead and I don't understand why she's alive again.”

“Well how did she died?”

“Concussion by being hit by a baseball while we're watching a baseball game.”

“Concussions causes some sort of coma Bertha, and they don't last long.”

“Well my old owner and I thought she was dead for awhile, until I was transferred to an animal shelter and met Henry and Layla.”

“I'm sure she'll be nice again sometime.”

“Na ah, she’ll never be nice. Now that she's back she’ll never leave me alone and always bully me.”

Bertha sheds some tears out of her eyes.

Jeffery will might have to talk with Henry and Layla.

“Okay, we’ll might talk with them, but if they don't believe you then I'll tell the truth what I saw with my two eyes,” Jeffery then brings out a brain scanner with a TV screen, “we can show them with this. I made it myself at the Science club.”

Bertha giggles a tiny bit and wipes some tears off of her, but that ain't enough to cheer her up.


At the school rooftop, Henry, Layla, Jenna, Skarlet, and Yandere-Chan are talking with each other about of how good Mildred was doing good for Bertha.

“So I'm telling ya, this coolest thing happened yesterday,” said Henry, “do you remember when Bertha you thought didn't had a sister?”

“Na ah.” said Jenna.

“Totally not,” said Skarlet, “but if she does then I guess that's when she got some fear into her system.”

“Well she does have a sister.” said Henry.

“Then you know what I'm talking about.”

“Not really, but she was nice and kind. Looks like Bertha lied but I think she’ll get over the Mildred's a monster thing and think that her sister's a good person.”

Then Jeffery and the sad Bertha comes over.

“Oh hello Bertha,” said Jenna, then she looks at her seeing that Bertha's tearing up, “hey what's wrong?”

Then Bertha runs to Jenna and hugs her.

“What's wrong with her?” Henry asked Jeffery.

“I know what's wrong with her, because guess what? Her sister? She decide to fight her!” said Jeffery.

“What? No, that did not happen Jeffery. You’re just imagining things.”

“No, it’s true.” Jeffery brings out his brain scanner, which is a brain wave helmet attached to a TV screen, you think there's no helmet from the last part welp, think again. “And I can prove it.”

Jeffery puts the helmet on Bertha, turns on the screen, and shows it to Henry and Layla.

After a minute of mostly yelling and violent screaming from Mildred's voice, Henry and Layla both looked in shock and awe.

“Oh my she was faking it?!”

“I guess so...about what?”

“Her being nice! My god I can't believe we’ve been idiots!”

“Who?” asked Skarlet.

Henry turns the screen towards her and shows Mildred.

“Oh, okay I see who you mean,” said Skarlet, “damn she does look a little bit on the skin tight except the puff sleeves. Kind of like mine but hers looks like a fluff at the end or whatever.”

“We ain't talking about that right now Skarlet,” said Henry, “we're talking about of how bad Mildred was doing to Bertha. God damn it she had us fooled!”

“I told you,” said Bertha, “and you two never believed me.”

“So you decided to let this happen?” asked Jeffery in disappointment.

“I...I guess Bertha is telling the truth.” said Henry.

“Yeah dude, s**t happens.”

“No wonder Nyle's trying to solve her problem, it was actually from Mildred.” said Layla.

“Looks like we have to kill Mildred than.” said Yandere-Chan.

Layla turns to Yandere-Chan.

“No Yan-Chan, we have to think of it something other than killing someone. Maybe we can have the time to talk with her when she comes over.”

“Yeah, we should do that,” said Henry, “but if things do go wrong than Yandere-Chan and I will be the backup.”

“Finally, I get to use my knife as my weapon once again.” said Yandere-Chan.


Several Hours later at night, Absinthe and Nyle are walking through the woods looking for the home of Jeffery the Jackalope. Nyle is trying to navigate where Jeffery lives.

“Are you sure this is the right way?” asked Absinthe.

“Duh Mildred, this is where he lives,” said Nyle, “and I’m sure he lives almost near where Klay lives.”

“Don't know who he is.”

“He’s one of my enemies...but sometimes I'm friends with him.”

Then they got to the place of where Jeffery lives, it seems to be a tree that’s decorated into a house of some sorts.

“Is this it?”

“Seems like it by the door mat.”

Both Absinthe and Nyle run around to the back so that Jeffery wouldn't notice a thing that they are here.

Nyle opens the backdoor to the house and Absinthe sneaks right in. Nyle would think it’s a bad idea but has to go with this if she wants her to snap; she goes inside the house.

The scene cuts inside the house as Jeffery sits on his couch watching TV drinking some soda and eating a bag of potato chips.

Absinthe and Nyle are hiding from behind the wall waiting for the right time for Jeffery to come over to the room they’re in.

“Should we do this?” whispered Nyle.

“Not yet,” whispered Absinthe, “we need to wait for that Jackalope out of that room so that we can tackle him and hold him down and giving him what he deserved like what he did to me.” she said while clenching her fist.

Jeffery turns off the TV and gets off of his seat and heads to the other room; he goes to the kitchen, but what he didn't know that Absinthe and Nyle are behind there.

“NOW!” Absinthe shouted.

Absinthe and Nyle pushed Jeffery down to the floor. Absinthe headlocks him to the floor and knocks him into the wall. She then brings him to the water filled sink and dunks his head down in there.

“Uh, do you think he’s had enough?” asked Nyle.

“No he does not!”

“Please! Please stop!” said Jeffery desperately.

Absinthe brings Jeffery down to the floor.

“Then why did you decide to f**king push me in the fountain?! If you haven't had done it then I wouldn't do this to you!” shouted Absinthe.

“You were shouting at Bertha dude! It was your fault!”

“Well you f**ked me hard big guy!” Absinthe holds Jeffery by the neckline of his pink collar.

“Wait, I'm not the only one that is giving you the blame, the Martial Arts Club is also blaming you man; they were thinking if you destroyed their club room then you'll might be the one to blame! You're the one that looks innocent; you have been acting strange since this morning!”

Absinthe then gently puts Jeffery down but still gives him that angry look.

“You sure about that?”


“...Then it looks like we have to get revenge on them then…”

“What do you mean?” asked Nyle.

“I mean what if those karate guys are going to tell on us?”

“Wait what?”

“That's right! Those guys do look tough, but they are also teachers pets. They want to tell on us for what we’ve done today, but not what we're gonna do about it! Come on we need to get to them!” Absinthe and Nyle gets out of the room, but Absinthe comes back in for Jeffery, “Hey Jackalope, you coming with us?”

“Ugh, fine. Just let me get dried up first.” said Jeffery as he gets up and leaves to his room to dry himself off.

“We better get going!” yelled Nyle from outside.

“I’ll be out in a minute!” Shouted Absinthe, “Just waiting for the Jackalope to get out!”

Then Jeffery comes out of his room dried up and ready to go.

“Alright, I won’t flip you over anywhere again unless you don't get me in pain alright?” asked Jeffery.

“Fine whatever, let’s go!”

Absinthe, Nyle, and Jeffery get out of the woods to find The Martial Arts Club and beat them from being told on.


In the Buraza Town Park, Budo Masuta and his Martial Arts Club members are waiting for someone to come over to fight the one who messed up their club room.

Budo stares in the distance waiting for someone to pass by if it was someone who did it while the rest of the club members are sitting on the ground waiting for someone as well, but also wanted some sleep.

“How long is this gonna take?” asked Juku, “we’ve been out here for hours. (Yawn) can we just go home and wait for tomorrow?”

“Patience Juku,” said Budo, “don't you think that we should let this slide and put this away? Someone destroyed our club room, the Occult Club Room, and the Drama Club Room. This one person might be an assassin of destroying club rooms, and we're gonna find out who did this and why.”

“But is karate suppose to be for protection only?” asked Shima.

“Quite Shima! Or else you want this club to be taken down due to all of the damage this has cost us.”

Outside the park from a mile away, Absinthe, Nyle, and Jeffery are walking down the road to somewhere where the Martial Arts Club maybe at around the area, but seem to be no sign of them.

Absinthe gets a little impatient as she sees that there's no one in this area, but has a suspicion that they can pop out of nowhere.

“You sure they are here?” asked Absinthe.

“I'm sure, those guys go to the Buraza Town Park,” said Jeffery, “but if you are gonna beat them up then you better be careful because those guys are super strong...most are but two aren't.”

“Eh, that will be easy. I see lots of people that try to beat me up, and I can just knock them out within a suckerpunch.”

“You sure you can do that?” asked Nyle.

“What can I say? I’m a tough kitty.” said Absinthe.

The scene cuts back to the Buraza Town Park where Budo still stares at the distance where the park entrance is awaiting for someone to come over and fight.

Seemed to be no one in sight, until they saw three figures of some sort walking in the park. Those guys might be the ones that trashed the three clubrooms.

“Hey guys!” Budo shouted to his club members, “Someone's coming in!”

“Finally, been waiting for a while master Masuta!” said Sho.

All the club members of the Martial Arts Club gathered and formed in a straight line; all including Budo prepare for battle as they await for their challengers to come over for a three on six combat.

“Alright guys, make sure you guys do not make any mistakes!” Budo awaits for the three people who might have destroyed some club rooms, “come on you three! I know you're out there! I saw you, now come out and fight all of us like men!”

“And women!” yelled Shima, “respect yo!”

The three figures came out of the shadows and revealed to be Nyle, Jeffery, and a cat dressed in some little princess costume.

The Martial Arts Club looked in fury, but also confusion at the same time.

“...Uh, who's that?” asked Budo in confusion while pointing to the grey cat.

“Who am I? Why I am your worst nightmare,” said Absinthe, “the name’s Mildred, the one that my friends and I destroyed the Martial Arts Club Room, the ones that got three club rooms into rubble.”

“Now hold three, did that?!”

“But of course, why wouldn't we? Especially with a guy like you knows lots of self-defense by far.”

“Well well well, didn't expect that from a cutie patootie but this...means...WAR!”

“...As you wish. Hmhmhm.”

Absinthe gets on four, readying herself.

Nyle uses her sports tape tentacles, and Jeffery uses...his…he didn't brought any weapons so he’s gonna have to sit and watch.

“Charge!” Yelled Budo.

And the Martial Arts Club charges on to Absinthe and Nyle.

Absinthe brings out her claws, jumps high, and leaps on to Juku Ren and scratches faster than the speed of sound on his chest, ripping his clothes and scratching his chest region.

Nyle grabs Shima and Mida and slammed them both together in the face; she picks them back up and threw them far away to the beach area right next to the Atlantic.

Jeffery just doesn't like what he sees and runs off so that he doesn't have to see this right now.

Budo counterattacks on Absinthe, but then was grabbed by the leg. Absinthe seeks her claws deep in his legs and slams him against the tree hard. So hard that it knocked the tree down.

“Who’s next?” asked Absinthe as she turned around towards Sho.

Sho is going to attack, but decide not to, so he retreated out of the park as the scene cuts to the outside entrance of the park where it also shows Jeffery hugging his knees. Sho was going to escape, but gets grabbed by Nyle’s Sports tape tentacles and some punching and crunching noises happen from inside.

As the sounds of brutalities were over, Absinthe and Nyle got out of the park not even breaking a sweat.

“Man, that was pretty-” said Nyle.

“Awesome?” asked Absinthe, “yeah...I know.” She turns around and sees Jeffery sitting on the ground cowardly in fear; she grabs Jeffery by the neckline and brings him against the brick wall. “So you decided to act like a wimp huh? What kind of dumbass Jackalope are you? You can't even fight?! Huh?! Is that it?!”

“Dude, what the hell was all of this fighting all about?” asked Jeffery in fear.

“You know what it was about! Those guys were trying to tattle on me is why!”

“That doesn't mean you should fight them.”


“Mildred, let’s just go alright? Let's just leave him alone.” said Nyle.

Absinthe then puts down Jeffery but still looks at him in the eye in pure anger.

“I thought you are a good person,” said Jeffery, “and you decided to beat up my friends from one of my favorite clubs?”

“...they are not your friends get out…NOW!” yelled Absinthe as she points to the direction of where Jeffery lives.

Jeffery then gets up and runs off to his home.

“Girl what's going on with you?” asked Nyle.

“We don't need him anyway, come on we need to get out of here to our homes until things get rough.”

Absinthe runs off to the place she was staying leaving Nyle on the spot.

Nyle then runs to her home while wondering of bad things of what Absinthe will do next. What's gonna happen next? Is Bertha gonna get hurt again? Is Absinthe gonna kill someone? Guess she has to find out.


At the Basu Sister's house, Nyle comes in at the dead of night looking around that all of the lights are off seeing that everyone might be asleep; she goes to the hallway closet and brings out her mirror to bring the real Mildred.

“Milly.” she said to the mirror, and fadley reveals Mildred on the mirror.

“Hey Nyle,” said Mildred, “what did Absinthe do this time?”

“Well, messed up some club rooms, beat up the whole community of the Martial Arts Club, and try to beat up Jeffery but instead made him join him.”

“Ugh, knew that’ll happen, but I'm sure she's gonna self-destruct at the right time at some point.”

“You sure? The only time I see her self-destruct is just beating people up.”

“That's what Absinthe made me do it when she's in my body.”

“In fact, I have no idea how she got into your body. Do you know why?”

Mildred looks in worry and would hate to share it to Nyle.

“I...I don't think I should tell you...It's a bit too risky from that past.”

“Come on, just tell me. I swear I won't tell anyone else.”

“Okay...It was eight years ago, back when my little sister was a baby kitten.”


The scene fades to a beautiful scenery from eight years into the past of Mildred's and Bertha's original home with their owner Tinana. Young ten year old Mildred was playing with a mouse toy on a cat tree while the baby kitten Bertha sleeps on Tinana's lap.

Young Mildred's tummy started rumbling, feeling like she's hungry.

“Hey Tinana,” said Young Mildred, “I'm hungry.”

“Not right now Milly,” said Tinana, “I need your baby sister to rest first.”

Young Mildred gets down off the cat tree she was playing on and walks towards the kitchen to get something to eat. When she made it she sees a bag of cat treats on the counter; she tries to go up there trying to reach, but she's a little short, then suddenly heard a noise from the backyard.

Now why would there be a noise in the backyard at night?

She goes outside to see what the noise is coming from; she uses a flashlight to see who's making the noise, but no one seemed to be out here, except a white horned like cat.

That would be Absinthe. Her real appearance is she’s a white furry horned demon cat with red eyes and pink and gray pupils, long black claws, and razor sharp teeth.

“Oh hello,” said young Mildred, “my name is Mildred, what's your name?”

The cat comes closer very slowly and begins to speak.

“Hello…” she said in a female creepy voice, “if it ain't a cat... that's not my you shall be the end of your days…”

“Uh, who are you...and can you please stop being a little creepy... you're scaring me.” Young Mildred said in fear as she backs up.

“Why I am the evil Absinthe...and I should take your body...and use for evil…” Absinthe transforms into this lava like mass and jumps high aiming at Mildred.

Young Mildred tries to run back inside but was too late; she was dragged and Absinthe gets in through her body through the eyes and mouth.

Mildred gets on her paws and knees and tremors to the pain; she feels her soul coming out, and was thrown up through the mouth out of her body, into the attic, then inside a mirror.

Back outside, Mildred's body transforms her look, some of her hair turns pink, her eyes turn from a blue to a red and gray.

Her body gets up, and showing that Absinthe now has the power to, even to this day, controls Mildred’s body.

END FLASHBACK---------------------------------

“And that's what happened.” said Mildred.

“Man, that girl is brutal.” said Nyle.

“And now that my soul is trapped in her mirror, there's no way to get out at all.”

“But you said there's a way out.”

“There is, but they have to have Absinthe with you along with some helpers to help me get out of here…” Mildred then sheds a tear, “I just want to see my sister again...I felt so sorry for what Absinthe has done to her.”

Nyle feels bad for Mildred of how much pain Absinthe has done to Bertha in the past, but she knows that she along with some friends would help.

“...Mildred, I’m sure even if Absinthe is here and Bertha's afraid of her, I'm sure she still loves you the same.”

“But if I do come back what if she's still afraid of me?”

“I'm sure that won't happen.”

Mildred wipes off some tears and stops thinking about the bad things that happened in the past, and needs to start thinking about now.

“I knew I shouldn't have come outside and met my feight. Just please, please try and get Absinthe out of my body so I can have my body back.”

“I’ll try, Nyle out.” Nyle covers her mirror as Mildred fades off the mirror.

Nyle closes the closet door and leaves the mirror inside; she still has to think of the plan, and if things go wrong, then probably by tomorrow she’ll let her self-destruct when the time is right. But has to get some sleep, so she heads upstairs to sleep with her sisters for a good night sleep til the next day.


At the garden maze, Absinthe sits on her air mattress wondering what she would do next. Maybe she can make some students as mindless slaves, or maybe try to pretend to be cute again to lure someone to a different and then kidnap them.

“Aha, I got an idea,” she said, “maybe instead of kidnapping someone, then I can kidnap, my “sister” so that no one can see me or see her again. Yeah, that is a good idea I can do, so that Bertha won't have to be seen in this world. And if she wants to see her sister, then I can just put her soul in the same mirror I put Mildred’s soul in.”

She thinks that it's a great plan, but if things go wrong then she’s gonna need some backup to help her escape. So she pulls out a cellphone and calls up Roland for help tomorrow.

“Huh, wuh, y-yeah, what's up this is Roland speaking.” said Roland on the phone.

“Hey big boy.”

“Oh hey Absinthe, before you say anything to me I need to ask you. Why are you calling me in the middle of the night?”

“Well me, I'm gonna grab my sister and take her out of this town and kill her. So I need some assistance to well whoever comes up on me or if someone's trying to hold me hostage or something.”

“Really, well I live far away from you right now.”

“Then get up early in the morning and drive here then.”

“My god seriously?...ugh okay look look, I'll be there probably at night okay? Besides it doesn't take long to kidnap. You live in Buraza Town and that someone you're gonna try to kidnap lives here right?”


“So, hold them at point. I'm sure there's some sort of weapon for you to use to protect yourself with.”

Absinthe gets up from her bed and looks for some sort of gun she can use; she digs through as deep as she can go, and then found a gun she can use, a pistol.

“Found it.”

“Cool I guess, anyway chow.” Roland hangs up.

“See ya later boar boy.” Absinthe hangs up her phone and puts in the princess dress as a pocket.

She looks at the mirror seeing it like Mildred hasn't came through Absinthe's mirror yet, like she is trying to ignore her or something.

“If she doesn't come out of that mirror,” Absinthe said in anger, “so help me I’ll cut Bertha down like a samurai slice and dice.”

So it looks like Absinthe is fed up that Mildred ain't appearing through the mirror anytime soon.

Absinthe grabs the blue teddy bear, lays on her air mattress, puts on her headphones, and drifts off to sleep as she looks the last time for tonight at the mirror.

To be continued...
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 3
The scene to when Jeffery comes over with Bertha and the brain wave machine to their friends and show them the past memories Bertha has been through, was a reference from the SML Movie: Jeffy Looses his Pencil. The scenes to when Absinthe and Nyle work together (but Nyle doesn't agree with her) and try to bring Jeffery down, but bring the whole Martial Arts Club down, was a reference from the McJuggerNuggets The Devil Inside video "Vengeance at the graveyard!"

Jenna, Jeffery, Bertha, and Absinthe belong to me

Nyle and Layla belong to Shgurr

Yandere Simulator characters belong to YandereDev

Skarlet the Hedgehog belongs to MartuXeneize

and Henry the Hedgehog belongs to RaeBae

The Devil Within Ch. 2:
The Devil Within Ch. 4: ???
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Chapter 2: Nyle gets in the way

It’s about six in the morning, Nyle wakes up and sees the sleeping Bertha safe and sound; she looks around and see that everyone is still asleep. She slowly and calmly gets out of bed since Bertha is on the right side of her bed, and walks to the other room where she hid her mirror.

She looks in one of the closets and found the mirror right next to some leather coats Inkyu hanged up.

“Milly.” Nyle said to the mirror, and the mirror glowed and show the Mildred in the mirror.

(“Yawn) hey Nyle, good morning.” said Mildred.

“Ah thank God, so how did you sleep in there?”

“I just think of a bed and poof it comes to me. Anyway is my sister alright?”

“Yeah she’s fine; she slept with me last night but she was crying her heart out and I have to do something.”

“And let me guess, Absinthe used her cuteness to distract anyone in her path.”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“It's a long story, she does that every time.”

“Well don't worry, I'm gonna do what I do best to get you out of there and make her go back to the danger she came from.”

“Thanks, I’ll be back with you later.” Mildred fades off the mirror to close up the call.

Nyle packs her mirror back in the closet, closes the doors, and walks quietly back in her room. She looks at Bertha sleeping happily on her bed. Nyle on the other hand feels worried, even though her mission is to follow Absinthe, but what if Bertha gets involved?

She decides to ignore that since Bertha’s gonna be with Layla most of the time anyway, and goes back to her bed in her covers and waits for the rest of the family to get up in the morning.


Back at school, every student is awake and work for their grades. For Absinthe she woke up with a stretch and have to deflate the air mattress a few minutes before, so she was pretty tired.

“Ugh I can't believe I have to do all this work,” said Absinthe, “and also have to reinflate the air mattress again, but at least it’ll be all worth it when I get my naughty out.”

She then brings the mirror in front of her.

“So Mildred, I'm gonna do some bad things today and tomorrow if people decide to reject me otherwise, and also gonna do bad things to your sister so you might as well come out so I can see you cry for help.”

Mildred didn't came to the mirror even once.

“Ugh fine keep hiding I don't care.”

Absinthe packs her mirror in her backpack and leaves the rest of the stuff including the air mattress and the covers and pillow; she walks out of the maze to the school to meet Bertha once again.


At the school lockers, Layla seemed a little concerned about Bertha. The gray little feline hasn't feel the same since Mildred came to school.

Henry seemed concerned as well; he sees Bertha sitting alone on a bench right next to the fountain with some tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Say is Bertha okay?” asked Henry.

“I don't know,” said Layla, “she has been sad since we woke up this morning. It never happens like that before, she is always happy to see me and Nyle.”

“Maybe it's because she's not normal like I am,” said Yandere-Chan, “even though I feel nothing.” She closes her locker and walks off to her class.

“Na it can't be,” said Henry, “it must be from something then being emotionless.”

Nyle walks over to Henry and Layla.

“Hey guys, how's it going?” asked Nyle.

“Say Nyle, do you know what's going on with Bertha lately?”

“Uh technically no, but that's why I'm getting to the bottom of it. You see that Bertha might be sad because of a certain type of sister of hers.”


“Mildred's been acting strange due to that she might be possessed by some sort of...demon.”

“Demon? Those things don't exist anymore, they were extinct since World War II has ended.”

“Well what if one might have survived?”

“Yeah I ain't believing you.” Henry walks off to his class along with Layla.

Nyle sees Bertha still looking sad sitting on the bench; she feels bad about yesterday, and she knew that she has to do her mission to follow Absinthe of what type of scheme she might be doing. So she runs outside to find Absinthe.


Outside where the maze is at, Absinthe comes out with a backpack on her back; she might of would of leave her stuff in the maze.

Nyle comes over and Absinthe quickly pretends to be like the innocent Mildred.

“Hey Nyle,” said Absinthe, “oh boy is it nice to see you again.”

“Yeah great, so uh did you say that I get to hang out with you today?” asked Nyle.

“Hang away, I always want to have a friend who can follow me in every turn.”

“Okay great, so what stuff do you want to do today?”

“I think we should prank the martial arts Club, and then maybe we can bully Bertha later on.”

“Okay Bertha, she’s off limits for now. How about some other time?”

“You mean when the time is right, I love it.”

“Uh, sure...I guess. So when does this hanging out with you thing start?”

“Inside the drama club room, come on,” Absinthe said at the last second when she ran off.

“Hey wait for me!” Nyle shouted, looks like she have to chase her to the location Absinthe was going.


At the Drama club room, everyone's not inside the room. Not until Absinthe and Nyle came inside the room.

“Okay, you start with emptying out the chests over to the left while I rip up those wallpaper things that I don't know what they're called.” said Absinthe.

“They're called backgrounds Mildred.” said Nyle.

“Whatever, so let's start damage!” Absinthe scratches the beautiful mountains background into little shreds of paper.

Nyle then goes over to the chests, opens them up one by one, and throws out every prop and costume; she piles them up and then grabs some glitter and glue and spreads it all over them.

Absinthe is done ripping up all of the background, now she’s gonna grab all of the masks of the walls. She takes them off the wall one by one, and smash them on the floor with a heavy object or her paws.

“Alright, what's next?” Nyle said all tuckered out.

“Now we go to the Martial Arts Club Room and ruin their stuff.”

“Are you sure? Those guys can be very strong, even if they use their karate for protection they also use it for revenge.”

“Nah they probably won't, now come on.”

Absinthe stands up and runs off along with Nyle to the Martial Arts Club to make some more damage.


At the Martial Arts Club Room, all of the members are doing some moves for learning self-defense and work out.

“Alright team, make sure that all moves are a motion of time,” said Budo, “a movement of protection.”

All the club members did their karate kicks as high as their legs can go, but then Juku Ren did it high but fell to the ground knocking down the costume change booth and the club members.

Juku gets up and rubs his head.

“Ugh, sorry Budo.” said Juku.

“Sorry ain't enough! Look at what you just made to the changing booth!” Budo points to the changing booth behind Juku, “This is unacceptable! So as punishment, I send all of the club members outside for practice!”

Every member complained and most looked at Juku to be the blame of it all as they leave the room.

Juku walks along with the club members feeling ashamed.

While all of the Martial Arts Club members are gone, Absinthe and Nyle come inside and see that the place might have been trashed a little bit, but just the changing booth.

“Looks like someone did some minimum damages here,” said Absinthe, “but at least we're gonna max the numbers. Come on let's do some damage while those guys in karate outfits are gone when we have the chance to wreck the place.”

Absinthe runs over to the bamboo plant right next to the crumbled changing booth; she uses her claws and scratched the bamboo into pieces and cracked the flower vase.

Nyle comes in and takes the paintings off the wall and tear them all in half.

“Okay, what else are we damaging?” asked Nyle.

“What else? Those hanging lights up there.” Absinthe points up to the ceiling lights.

Absinthe jumps up and rips them all three to shreds and cut the wires off the ceiling. She goes for the carpet next, but need some help for this part.

Nyle goes to the left side while Absinthe goes to the right; both pull on each side and the carpet ripped in half pretty fast.

“Ugh, so where to next?”

“Where else? Ah I don't know, but when one of them decide to f**k with us then we can get them back.”

“Okay, I guess.”

“Sweet, anyway time for my class,” Absinthe runs off to a different, “see you later Nyle!” she shouted to Nyle.

Nyle looks around the Martial Arts Club Room with all of this mess, but still has to watch out for what Absinthe is doing and pretend that she's Mildred for a while to bring her in.

She walks out of the room feeling a little guilty of what's gonna happen if the club members or even worse, Budo would find out.


In the school’s plaza, no one is here on the plaza except Absinthe waiting for Bertha to come over for her fidget spinner. She has been waiting for over a minute for that grey feline to come over, it takes only at least thirty seconds for someone to give Absinthe something she wants.

“Ugh when is that slow feline coming over with my fidget spinner?!” said Absinthe angrily, “man even with a feline like her she can be a slow poke like a turtle trying to cut a jig.”

Bertha comes over to Absinthe nervously holding a pack of cigarettes in her hand.

“Hey Mildred,” said Bertha, “here’s the brand you asked me to get you. Sorry it took a while, it was hard for me to get on through the halls.” She hands it to her angry sister showing what she wanted, a shark head fidget spinner.

Absinthe looks at it and smacks it off of Bertha’s hand proving that it's not the brand she wanted.

“Are you serious you little brat? That's not the brand I wanted! I want the one that has blood stains on it! What do you know, you are just nothing but an idiot since you were born!”

Absinthe pushes Bertha to the ground.

“Please Mildred, I thought you wanted the shark head one.”

“When did I say that?!”

“Uh, a minute ago?”


While Absinthe is getting angrier at Bertha, Jeffery walks through the hall looking through his phone, until he heard some commotion from the plaza; he comes over to the closest door to it and see that a grey older feline is yelling at Bertha.

“Oh s**t man!” he said in fear, “Bertha's in trouble!” He puts away his phone and tries to walk over but he had some worried thoughts. “Wait, if I come over there I can get argued at too...No...What comes a Jeffery, comes responsibility.”

He runs over there behind Absinthe, picks her up and throw her inside the fountain.

“Thanks Jeffery.” said Bertha.

Jeffery helps Bertha up.

“You doing alright?”

“No, she was bullying me.”

“The woman that looks like you but older and wears some sort of small dress? The one that I threw in the fountain?”

“Yeah, can you take me to Henry and Layla please?”

“Sure thing kid.”

Jeffery holds Bertha's hand and walks her to wherever Henry and Layla are.

While they are gone, Absinthe gets out of the fountain soaking wet; she shakes herself dry but still damp. Really hated who did this to her.

“My god I can't believe I got thrown in the damn fountain,” said Absinthe, “unless it's those paws that I saw holding throw me in!” She sense of something of who those paws belong to, some sort of stupid Jackalope. “Aha! A dumbass rabbit!...Or deer, or whatever the hell it is! I'm gonna get my revenge on that thing…”


In the Occult Club Room, Oka and Derek along with the rest of the club members of the Occult Club wear their cloaks, gathered around the circle, and get ready to summon a demon.

“Is everyone ready?” asked Oka.

“Still have to turn off the light.” said Derek. He comes over to the switch and turns off the light and runs back to the circle, “it gives it a darker vibe of the place.”

“Very well...Let the ritual...Begin…”

Outside of the Occult Club Room, Absinthe walks by and sees that some om noise is coming from inside the room.

“What the hell is going on in there?” asked Absinthe.

She looks through the window and sees that it’s a little pitch black with some candles lit around the middle around in a circle; she might believe that someone might have hired these people to send her back to the hell she came from.

“Oh hell no that ain't happening!”

Back inside the room, Derek heard a yell from outside the room; he looks at the door and see that it's some sort of shadow.

“Wait a minute,” said Derek which he's paused the ritual, “I heard something from outside.”

“What is it Derek…” said Oka, “it’s not one of your pranks...right?...”

“No of course not, seriously it was from out there.” Derek comes over to the door and opens it up revealing someone; he looks over and nothing was there. “That's strange, I could've sworn that I've heard and saw this...thing? Okay guess we have to find where it went. Come on.” Derek runs off to his right of the hallway to find out what that yell is coming from.

“Why Derek?...Alright guys...I guess we have the ritual tomorrow…”

Occult Club members sighed and all including Oka follow Derek to the noise.

While they are gone, Absinthe is hiding from the outside of the plaza; she comes out and goes inside the Occult Club Room. Looks like it has lots of devilish stuff and a skull with a ritual knife, it even has a pentagram sign rug on the floor.

“Huh, now this is a room I can mess with,” said Absinthe, “although, it is just a room after all hehehe.”

She grabs the ritual knife and pulls it out of the skull; she cuts the pentagram rug into shreds, knocked down the bookshelves one by one, and even covered the walls in orange soda, and also last but not least write on the wall saying “Mildred was here.”

Absinthe ran out the room.

The Occult Club came back in and looked around shocked of how much damage and how much of a mess they have to clean up.

Derek came in last and see also in shock of how the Occult Club Room became a pig sty.

“Holy crap what happened?!” Asked Derek.

“Whoever did must be someone that might of hate us…” said Oka.

“You said it, but who could've done this to our club room?” Derek looks and see a message in one of the walls; he reads it saying, “Mildred was here.” “That stupid side girl thinks they can do that to our club room?! Well they got another thing coming!”


Outside back in the maze, Absinthe looks in her mirror to look (in Mildred's body) of how cute she looks, but a monster inside; she sits down on her air mattress and listens to her favorite song on her Mp3 player, and It plays “tag you're it by Melanie Martinez” in the background.

The background turns dark and some clouds close in at the top of the sky.

Absinthe: Looking at me through your window
Boy you had your eye out for a little.

Absinthe’s eyes turn from her regular colored red pupil eyes and turned to a full hellish red.

Absinthe: I’ll cut you up and make you dinner,
You reach the end you are the winner.

She stands up from her air mattress as she imaginatively walks seductively towards a dark force like place.

Absinthe: Rolling down your tinted window
Driving next to me real slow.

She looks around as her imaginative world, seeing of how happy she is if she has this world under her command.

Absinthe: he said, "Let me take you for a joyride
I've got some candy for you inside."

Absinthe walks forward to the screen to the mirror; she sits down on a stool and looks at herself in Mildred's body but waits for the real Mildred to come out.

Absinthe: Running through the parking lot
He chased me and he wouldn't stop
Tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it
Grabbed my hair, pushed me down
Took the words right out of my mouth
Tag you're it, tag, tag, you're it

She crosses her legs and brings out a bag and was full of guns and knives, it was also packed with bullets and she also has white gloves for her to wear.

Absinthe: Can anybody hear me?
Now I'm hidden underground
Can anybody hear me?
Am I talking to myself?
Saying tag you're it, tag, tag, you're it

She gets up from her chair and looks closely to the mirror singing the following words with a knife in her hand.

Absinthe: He’s saying tag you're it
Tag, tag you're it

Absinthe drops her knife back in the bag as her imaginary world faded out back to the world she is in now and her eyes turned back to a red and grey pupils; she walks back to her air mattress and looks at the picture of Bertha the Cat with an evil smile.

Absinthe: Little bit of poison in me
I can taste your skin in my teeth
I love it when I hear you breathing
I hope to god you're never leaving

She sits on her knees looking at the photo with an annoyance frown on her face and crushes it to a ball. She looks up to the evening sunlight to when the day she will get her revenge on Bertha.

Absinthe: Running through the parking lot
He chased me and he wouldn't stop
Tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it
Grabbed my hair, pushed me down
Took the words right out of my mouth
Tag you're it, tag, tag, you're it

Absinthe gets down on her paws and knees and crawls to her backpack to look for what she wants to grab.

Absinthe: Can anybody hear me?
Now I'm hidden underground
Can anybody hear me?
Am I talking to myself?
Saying tag you're it, tag, tag, you're it

Absinthe: He’s saying tag you're it
Tag, tag you're it

She dumps out of what's in there, but what came out is some more bows which two resemble wristbands, her blue teddy bear, some stickers, and a couple of rings.

Absinthe: Eenie Meenie miny mo
Catch the lady by her toe
If she sequels don't let her go

She then wears two of the bow wristbands first, the two rings for her paws, and hugs her teddy bear. Then wears two heart stickers for two of the puff sleeves.

Absinthe: Eenie Meenie miny mo
Your mother said to pick the very best girl
And I am

She then imagine Bertha in her bed sleeping peacefully, but then Absinthe sneaks up to her really quietly like a creepy crawler.

Absinthe: Running through the parking lot
He chased me and he wouldn't stop
Tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it
Grabbed my hair, pushed me down
Took the words right out of my mouth
Tag you're it, tag, tag, you're it

Absinthe: Running through the parking lot
He chased me and he wouldn't stop
Tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it
Grabbed my hair, pushed me down
Took the words right out of my mouth
Tag you're it, tag, tag, you're it

Absinthe jumps on Bertha, grabs her by the neck and runs off, out of the room. The thought bubble fades out as she thought of how she wanted to go with, but still that’ll only happen in her dreams, so has to do it in a different way until tomorrow.

But first, has to take care of a little something to that Jackalope.

Then she heard a voice from outside the maze that sounds familiar.

The scene cuts to outside of the maze where Nyle is looking for Absinthe.

“Hey Mildred!” she shouted, “Mildred you out here?!”

Then came out of the maze is Absinthe.

“Hello Nyle, how are you doing girl?” asked Absinthe.

“Oh hey Mildred, say did you call me to get you to Jeffery’s home? I mean I gotta tell you, he lives far away like five miles away from Klay’s house.”

“Yep I called you to help me to get my revenge on that Jackalope for throwing me in the fountain.”

“Oh wow, what a bad thing he did to you.” Nyle said in sarcasm.

“So, you ready to go?”

“Ugh, yeah sure, why not? Don't know why we're doing it at night though.”

“Long story short, just wanna get a revenge on him for what he did.”

Both Absinthe and Nyle walk out of the school to Jeffery's home in the woods to get revenge on him for flipping Absinthe over by throwing her in the fountain.

To be continued...
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 2
Okay, I was gonna think of posting these for an everyday spot, but then I decided to post five of these chapters a month, and/or until I'm finished with this story.

Now on to the references. The scenes to when Nyle is talking to a mirror to Mildred, and when Absinthe is trying to talk through the mirror trying to contact Mildred, was a reference from the McJuggerNuggets series " The Devil Inside," The scene to when Absinthe sings the song "Tag You're it by Melanie Martinez and dances to it, was a reference from the music video and from the episode of Wander Over Yonder "My fair Hatey." Now I ain't talking about the music from Wander Over Yonder, I'm referencing the movements.

I think that's all the references I found, and don't worry, I'm still making the new storytime video, it's just gonna take me awhile since I still have school and have this fanfic to work on.

Absinthe, Jeffery, Bertha, Mildred, and Jenna belong to me

Nyle and Layla, and Derek belong to Shgurr

Yandere Simulator characters belong to YandereDev

Skarlet the Hedgehog belongs to MartuXeneize

and Henry the Hedgehog belong to RaeBae

The Devil Within Ch. 1:
The Devil Within Ch. 3:
Spooky in the night
Ever since I looked at the game "Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion," spooky just looked adorable, so I decided to create some fanart for it. Decided to give the background a bit of a haunted and scary look at it, just to match the atmosphere for spooky.

Spooky belongs to Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion
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every youtuber is making one that does animation. So when I get to making videos should I do that. Although it is time for me to make story time videos. The first one I haven't started yet since right now there's about a few hours left til one of the poles are done on twitter. One pole is the one of if I can delete my old channel or keep the one I have. I'm still trying to think of one of the animations for this.

Anyway, back to the patreon. Now for those who don't know what it is, patreon is a website that helps support youtubers to rise up and succeed. I heard about it and I was thinking so of making an account of it, but I don't know how to use it since I don't have a paypal. I'll try to learn my way to it when I get the chance.

See you guys later til I get it done, I'll bring on the link for my youtube channel later.


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