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LWHAYC The Devil Within part 9
Chapter 9: Give Mildred back this instant!
At school in the cafeteria, Layla, Nyle, Henry, Yandere-Chan, Bertha, and Skarlet are talking with each other about what happened last night? What did Absinthe do to Bertha? Did she try to escape or not?
“So when she dropped you off,” Skarlet said to Bertha, “did she even said where she’s going?”
“...No,” said Bertha, “Absinthe’s still have her big car parked right next to our home, so I guess she doesn’t have anywhere to go.”
“It’s still Mildred but okay.”
“No, she’s Absinthe.”
“She’s still your sister Bertha.” said Henry.
“She might be just having stress or something,” said Layla, “Or it’s maybe something that happened to her and putting it on her.”
“No, Bertha’s telling the truth,” said Nyle, “Mildred’s soul is in the mirror, and I’ve been talking to her.
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Mature content
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 8 :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 7
Chapter 7: We’re in Osaka
In the morning after a long night of talking, Nyle have been talking with Henry and Yandere-Chan to convince them that Mildred, was not the real Mildred, and saying that it was Absinthe in Mildred’s body.
“Now listen, you guys got nothing to worry about.” said Nyle.
“What the hell do you mean we got nothing to worry about?” asked Henry in aggravation, “She’s got your new sister; she’s whacked out, some sort of new person or something! And she’s got a flare gun! What are we supposed to do? In fact better yet, what are we supposed to do? We gotta worry about it!”
“Look, I was talking with the real Mildred.”
“Real Mildred?” asked Yandere-Chan, “The real Mildred is the one that called herself Absinthe.”
“No, I was actually talking to the real Mildred in the mirror a few days prior.” said Nyle, “saying not to worry. What she said is what she said
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TheNo1Alex 3rd anniversary by nugapug TheNo1Alex 3rd anniversary :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0
Mature content
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 6 :iconnugapug:nugapug 0 0
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 5
Chapter 5: On goes and one doesn’t
Absinthe is parked at least a few miles away from Buraza Town thinking that she can go far away, but how and where is she gonna go anywhere; she does feel tired but had to proceed to get out of town.
“Ugh, how am I ever gonna go anywhere without any money at all?” Absinthe asked herself. She tries to think of something, but didn’t go this far before.
“How am I ever gonna get out of here? I never got to this point.”
Then Absinthe gets back in the car to grab her new mirror from the front car seat; she closes the door and puts the mirror in front of her on the fields to make it stand.
“Hey Mildred, you know that I just didn’t got your little sister, but also got one of her kitty guardians from Buraza Town.” Mildred didn't respond in this mirror either, “girl you know this is a new mirror right? You know you can respond in this one...Please talk to me...I want tips to get out of this place!...I
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Mature content
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 4 :iconnugapug:nugapug 0 0
Joining the Art Gang party by nugapug Joining the Art Gang party :iconnugapug:nugapug 2 0
Mature content
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 3 :iconnugapug:nugapug 0 0
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 2
Chapter 2: Nyle gets in the way
It’s about six in the morning, Nyle wakes up and sees the sleeping Bertha safe and sound; she looks around and see that everyone is still asleep. She slowly and calmly gets out of bed since Bertha is on the right side of her bed, and walks to the other room where she hid her mirror.
She looks in one of the closets and found the mirror right next to some leather coats Inkyu hanged up.
“Milly.” Nyle said to the mirror, and the mirror glowed and show the Mildred in the mirror.
(“Yawn) hey Nyle, good morning.” said Mildred.
“Ah thank God, so how did you sleep in there?”
“I just think of a bed and poof it comes to me. Anyway is my sister alright?”
“Yeah she’s fine; she slept with me last night but she was crying her heart out and I have to do something.”
“And let me guess, Absinthe used her cuteness to distract anyone in her path.”
“Yeah, how did you know?”
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Spooky in the night by nugapug Spooky in the night :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0 Congrats Shgurr by nugapug Congrats Shgurr :iconnugapug:nugapug 12 0 Boulder and Benito by nugapug Boulder and Benito :iconnugapug:nugapug 2 0
Mature content
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 1 :iconnugapug:nugapug 3 0
Mature content
Life with Henry and Yandere Chan S4 finale part 2 :iconnugapug:nugapug 3 0
Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law (fanart) by nugapug Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law (fanart) :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0


Hi there. okey. that was fun :D. for now, we are done with BEASTHOUSE/THE BEST OF LAME least for a while.
We have a lot of wacky plots for the future, but for now, we will focus on other things.
you can see jpeg images of the comics here:
Now is time for zooper :D
Anyway. i want to say: we are on a contest. if you wanna, you can vote for our drawn here:
And remember, we have t-shirts
Thats all for now. stay tuned :D
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.:Human Pony:. (redraw) by The-Butcher-X .:Human Pony:. (redraw) :iconthe-butcher-x:The-Butcher-X 670 26 The Breakout Stars by BreakoutClub The Breakout Stars :iconbreakoutclub:BreakoutClub 28 32 Naiomi (oc) by RazzberryPeanut Naiomi (oc) :iconrazzberrypeanut:RazzberryPeanut 4 4 wehhhhh by SansBirdie wehhhhh :iconsansbirdie:SansBirdie 640 126 Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender Sketch) by RazzberryPeanut Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender Sketch) :iconrazzberrypeanut:RazzberryPeanut 6 4 #ArtGang by GABRIELNGAKO #ArtGang :icongabrielngako:GABRIELNGAKO 7 0
How Spooky's House of Jumpscares Should have Ended
      A marker told me that I had made it to room 999.  It seemed like so many others before it.  They say curiosity killed the cat.  It had nearly killed me several times over.  I wanted to see what this old house on the hill was like.  I did not know it contained this many rooms and I certainly did not think it had this much variety (one part was actually outside).  1,000 rooms just seemed like too many to traverse and take notes on.  Plus, the last specimen I had faced was a mermaid who was trying to eat me.  Why couldn't she have been more like one of those mermaids from the Disney movies?  To be fair, I didn't really like Ariel.
      I went into the 1,000th room and when I looked around, I realized very quickly that it was Spooky’s bedroom.  There were posters of Horror movies from every era on her wall, toys that looked like they were made by Doctor Steel or were modified by Sid from Toy Story,
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The creator in Sir pelo style by loopy22 The creator in Sir pelo style :iconloopy22:loopy22 9 0 My Favorite Pairings on Cartoon Network by xeternalflamebryx My Favorite Pairings on Cartoon Network :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 355 127 My Little Pony - The Lost Soul (Movie Poster) by nigel5469 My Little Pony - The Lost Soul (Movie Poster) :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 53 22 Spooky's Halloween by StylishKira Spooky's Halloween :iconstylishkira:StylishKira 205 61 Makeover by HoneyBatty16 Makeover :iconhoneybatty16:HoneyBatty16 13 15 My Little Pony - The Lost Souls (Line Drawing) by nigel5469 My Little Pony - The Lost Souls (Line Drawing) :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 22 11 Yanderepara! by CrazyHermine Yanderepara! :iconcrazyhermine:CrazyHermine 26 6



Chapter 9: Give Mildred back this instant!

At school in the cafeteria, Layla, Nyle, Henry, Yandere-Chan, Bertha, and Skarlet are talking with each other about what happened last night? What did Absinthe do to Bertha? Did she try to escape or not?

“So when she dropped you off,” Skarlet said to Bertha, “did she even said where she’s going?”

“...No,” said Bertha, “Absinthe’s still have her big car parked right next to our home, so I guess she doesn’t have anywhere to go.”

“It’s still Mildred but okay.”

“No, she’s Absinthe.”

“She’s still your sister Bertha.” said Henry.

“She might be just having stress or something,” said Layla, “Or it’s maybe something that happened to her and putting it on her.”

“No, Bertha’s telling the truth,” said Nyle, “Mildred’s soul is in the mirror, and I’ve been talking to her.”

“Okay when did this even happen?” Skarlet asked Nyle, “What the hell does that even mean?”

“I’ve been talking to her so that Absinthe can get out of Mildred’s body and Mildred’s soul to get back into her body.”

“You mean to put her in front of a mirror?”

“Well she appears whenever I need her to appear, and said I have to ge-”

“So you mean to if I want to get Mildred through the mirror, then I just go to it like in the bathroom and talk to her?” asked Yandere-Chan.

“Well no, but I think it has to be a specific mirror,” said Nyle, “I just have to talk with Mildred so that Absinthe can be here so that we can get her out of the mirror and put her soul back in her body, but there’s a problem. Absinthe is in her body, so we have to get Absinthe out of her body in order to get Mildred back into her body.”

“I went through the mirror,” said Bertha, “and it was scary.”

“See even Bertha believes me.”

“Okay, maybe what I think,” said Skarlet, “Mildred had some sort of bizarre episode and maybe got a little violent.”

“Because Absinthe is bizarre and violent.” said Nyle.

“That’s not her, maybe she’s trying to be like that.”

“No, Mildred is never a bad person, Absinthe made her into one because she possessed Mildred and took over her body.”

“Well if Absinthe is a real person that possessed a person or whatever you said, we have to like get her back with a mirror?”

“We have to snap her out of Mildred’s body in order to get Absinthe out.”

“Well we gotta get her here,” said Henry, “because that’s what we need to do.”

“And get her stripped down so that she can stay there and not move an inch,” said Yandere-Chan, “and maybe force her to snap out of it.”

“If that’s what we have to do.”

“Okay but the forcing, ain’t gonna do much.” said Nyle, “We need to lure her in to get her with us and has to be a very certain mirror, but that I don’t know where it is.”

“Absinthe took it.” said Bertha, “When I got out she grabbed the mirror and carried it while she got me out of her car thing.”

“You mean an RV?”

“...I guess you can say that.”

“So it looks like we have to get Absinthe her for tonight,” said Yandere-Chan, “and the mirror and snap Mildred back in, but forcing her ain’t gonna do s**t right?”

“No it ain’t gonna yet,” said Nyle, “we just gotta take it easy.”

“So all we have to do is let her of what she tells us, and back off on the forcing.”

“Yeah, and it has to be a certain yet specific mirror, that’s what I think Mildred told me.”

“And it looks like we have to use a curtain mirror is what she said? In fact how are we gonna lure her in? She probably just hate us after what happen.”

“I’m sure she’s gonna give us another chance, I know it. I trust Absinthe.”

“Layla, Skarlet, Henry, and Yandere-Chan doesn’t know if it’s a good idea, but can give it a shot, no matter at what cost it’ll be, it might work.

“I guess,” said Layla, “but I’m keeping Bertha with me.”

“That sounds good to me sis.” said Nyle, “I’ll go call her up.” She picks up her phone and call her up.


In the afternoon after school, Absinthe comes over to school at three in the afternoon coming over to see what’s going on; she looks around and was suppose to be meeted at the lockers.

Nyle came on walking by and Absinthe came over to her.

“Hey Nyle.” said Absinthe.

“Oh hey Absinthe,” said Nyle, “How are you doing?”

“You told me to come over here. Besides I get to hang out with you guys again.”

“That’s amazing...I guess.”

“Say, do you know where Bertha is? I mean I hope she doesn’t hate me or anything.”

“I’m sure she’s fine, Layla let her in when she saw her.”

Then Skarlet came on over unexpectedly which kinda made Absinthe and Nyle jump a little bit.

“Hey girls,” said Skarlet, “and hey Absinthe, it’s nice to see you. The names Skarlet, Henry’s younger sister.”

“Oh, Skarlet,” said Absinthe, “It’s amazing to see you again, even though I didn’t catch your name. Since the incident.”

“Ooh, about that. It was pretty cold once you’ve decided to take Bertha away last night. When Nyle called my brother and Yandere-Chan up she thought she needed help.”

“Don’t get me started on that please. I really don’t wanna get another headache after last night, when that kid decided to whine and all.”

“Hey at least you brought her back, that’s a good thing.”

Absinthe does feel a little stressed out after last night and the night before, so Skarlet decides to bring her a good stress reliever to rig off of her mind.

“Say Absinthe, how about we go to the pool area.” said Skarlet.

“What do you mean?” asked Absinthe, “I feel fine.”

“No, I meant look up on the sun, feeling the sunlight and all. I mean it’s such a nice day out there girl. Come on, you gotta have to feel the relaxation.”

“Hmmm, okay. As long as I get to find some rest finally.”

“See? Don’t worry girl. I’m sure this is gonna be a normal day for you.”

Then Skarlet and Nyle lead Absinthe outside to the pool area for some relaxation. While they are, they're still thinking how they are gonna find a right way to get her to change back to Mildred.


Outside at the pool area, Absinthe, Skarlet, and Nyle are lying down on towels, wearing sunglasses, and looking up while relaxing on the sun.

“Ah, what an awesome way to get this stress away,” said Absinthe, she turns to Skarlet, “what a good idea Skarlet, this really got my mind off of Bertha.”

Skarlet turns to Absinthe.

“Yeah I know,” said Skarlet, “but don’t take my word for it, my parents taught me this.”

“To relax?”

“No, to be awesome. I know how to relax since day one of my existence. And also you should trust me too.”

“...Eh, sure why not?” Absinthe turns back to looking at the sky enjoying the sunlight.
Skarlet turns to Nyle.

“Hey Nyle,” Skarlet whispered, “don’t you think letting her do all of this of what she wants to do really gonna work?”

“Well yeah,” whispered Nyle, “I’m sure of it. I gotta trust her so just keep it cool until things get to maximum. Now we want to just be calm and relaxed. Well you gotta admit, what you said it is a beautiful day, so might as well enjoy it and then we get to her and fixing this problem.”

“Okay then.”

Nyle and Skarlet turn back towards the sky, looking at that it’s so clear and calm, not a single cloud in the sky not interrupting a thing.

Then from right next to the diving board, Henry and Yandere-Chan were hiding behind it and have towels in their hands and bathing suits on ready for a swim like it’s a regular day; they put down their towels down on a wrack, climbed up to the highest way to dive in the water.

Yandere-Chan jumps in first down in the water causing a big splash, some drops of water didn’t even reached Absinthe.

Henry goes next and jumps in the water, and caused a little big but medium sized splash; he
poked his head out and sees that he also missed as well.

“Damn it,” said Henry, “I thought it would hit her.”

Yandere-Chan then poked out her head out of the water, and also sees that she missed, not one water droplet hit Absinthe.

“At least we didn’t pissed her off,” said Yandere-Chan, “we have to get her as calm as she can anyway, and then we grab her and change Absinthe back to Mildred again.”

“Oh right...and how are we gonna lure her in?”

“I don’t know, probably Nyle will, because she told us that Absinthe wants her to be trustworthy.”

“Give me a break, there’s no way that’s gonna f**king work, and besides if it does, where are we gonna put her?”

“In the Occult Club room, where no one is there except us, Nyle, and Skarlet, and Absinthe on the chair with her mirror right in front of her.”

“Then we snap Mildred back to this world.”

“That’s what Nyle said...I think.”

“Where’s her mirror? It’s gotta be here.”

“Ugh, alright, let’s ask Absinthe where it is.”

Then all of a sudden.

“Cannonball!” Yelled Absinthe and she splashed in the pool right next to Henry; she pops her head out of the water and swam right against him, “Hey Henry.”

“Uh hey Absinthe. Say why don’t you have a swimsuit on instead you have your clothes on? Isn’t it tight enough that they’ll might shrink?”

“Nah this dress doesn’t shrink. It’s made with a smooth material. So anyway, did you two say you guys want my mirror?”

“Welp we want to borrow it for...a fitting.”

“Hm, really? What kind of fitting?”

“Uhh, a tuxedo.”

“...Oh okay, I thought you are gonna make me go back to hel- I mean my home where I came from.”

“What? No, besides I never met a girl that looks so hot.”

“Really? Y-you think I’m hot?” Absinthe asked as she blushed and turned a little red.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

Absinthe kisses Henry in the lips again and swims away, and runs off away from the pool in pure (maybe Yandere) love as she yelled.

“See you later Henry! Make sure to return the mirror okay?!”

“Got it!” When Absinthe is already gone, Henry wonders of how she heard him and Yandere-Chan were talking about, but has to ignore it. Right now he and Yandere-Chan have to solve this problem, “Okay let’s just find the mirror.”

Then Henry and Yandere-Chan get out of the pool and to find Absinthe’s Mirror.


Still around the school, Henry and Yandere-Chan looked around the whole area. Even through the garden and the hedge maze to see if it’s there, but nothing there at all. Then they just realized that they just looked around outside, but not the inside of the building.

“Are you sure it’s suppose to be in there?” asked Henry, “I mean come on, it’s gotta be outside. You said it yourself Yan-Chan.”

“I said it might be,” said Yandere-Chan, “but it ain’t. Looks like the inside of the school is our last resort.”

“...Ugh, I knew we should’ve looked inside.”

Then they go inside the school building to the lockers; they looked through every locker and nothing is in any of them, just either some stuffed animals, birthday cards, or packed lunches.

“Nope, not in the lockers.”

“Try looking harder. Bertha ain’t gonna live a miserable life with Absinthe around.”

Then all of a sudden, they heard some footsteps from the left hallway.

Henry and Yandere-Chan hide inside their individual lockers as Absinthe walked through the hallway not noticing a thing, but also carrying her mirror.

Absinthe walks by looking suspicious wanting to know why Henry needs the mirror for a fitting for a tuxedo? It’s a mirror just half the size of his body like a window. She then feels a little itchy off the chest; so she puts down the mirror right next to the locker where Henry’s hiding in as she reaches in and scratches the itchy area on the chest.

“Ugh, even in Mildred’s body,” said Absinthe, “I have no idea why she has an itchy chest, has a good looking body, but this is getting ridiculous.”

Henry looks through the holes from outside the locker knowing that Absinthe is distracted; he looks down, opens the locker very slowly and quietly so that Absinthe won’t hear a thing, and carefully reaches for the mirror. He grabbed it and quickly closed the locker now that the mirror’s with him.

Absinthe’s itch was finally gone, in Mildred’s body it can be itchy for her sometimes; she puts her hand out of the dress and turns around for the mirror. When she did, the mirror is gone.

“Huh? Where did it go?” asked Absinthe in confusion, “Ugh, I guess it’s Henry. Although he did asked me to use it for a fitting awhile ago. Might as well wait until he gives it back and I’ll try to speak to Mildred later, or I’ll talk to her in the bathroom mirrors.”

Absinthe leaves the locker room wanting to try to talk to Mildred in some other mirror anyway since the new mirror she has, doesn’t seem to work anyway.

When the coast is clear, Henry and Yandere-Chan came out of the lockers and ran off to find Nyle and Skarlet, but this time, they have the mirror. So it looks like they might have the specific mirror Absinthe carries with her anywhere when she first came here, so that they can maybe, just maybe, bring Mildred back.


At nighttime in the school where no one is around, Absinthe is standing around in the middle of the carpet in the Occult Club Room where she was told to meet here; she stands around looking at nothing but some ritual books and some candles.

She thinks that something’s acting a little strange, like something’s going to happen at any moment. So she pulls out her gun and awaits for someone to arrive.

Someone opens the door slightly, then was opened all the way revealing Nyle.

“Ay, come in here!” demanded Absinthe.

“Woah calm down Absinthe.” said Nyle as she closed the door.

“Then why did you lead me in here?!”

“So that I can check on you.”

“Just sit down dude! I asked you why you lead me here for two hours now! So why the f**k are we here?!”

Nyle takes a seat on one of the cornered chairs.

“Well I just saw someone pull over-”

“What the hell are you talking about?!”

“That’s it I just saw a car pull over here at the school entrance. Can you at least put the gun down? Just want to make sure you were here!”

“I’ve been here for two damn hours! Just standing in the middle of a circle like you told me to be at!”

“Well good be-”

“And why do you want me to be here?!”

“So that I can check on you, see if you’re calm enough. Just want to know that’s it!...Just please put the gun down...What’s up with it anyway?!”

“Well it was Roland’s until I got it back from him.”

“Then why are you carrying it for?”

“Because, I’m being paranoid right now!”

“Why are you paranoid?”

“I’ve been hearing some conversation from outside the school! I ain’t stupid!”

“Maybe it’s because of this whole kidnapping Bertha thing. If you wouldn’t have done it then you wouldn’t be paranoid this much.”

“Dude just- Ugh, just leave alright?”

“Okay, but before I do. Can I get the chance to know you better?”

“Really? Are you kidding?”

“No, you want me to trust you, so I decided to like want to know more about you. Just tell me how you got here? How you possessed Mildred? How you got in Mildred’s body like your in right now? Tell me everything.”

“Ugh...Fine...And let me guess...You want me to tell you about the mirror?”

“Yes, especially the mirror.”

“Well I don’t have it, Henry does.”

“Really? He told me to hold it up for me during his “fitting.”

“For like a date?”

“Uh sure, something like that.”

“...So, you honestly though, want to know more about me?”

“Of course.”

“...Okay,” Absinthe sits on the floor and wants to let Nyle know all about her, but her memories were nothing but darkness and pain, even if she’s a demon; she hates to tell it,
“...You do not know, all about me dude. My memories are as dark as it is.”

“Just tell me, that’s why I’m here.”

“...Okay fine, I’m a horned demon cat. You guys probably knew that, but some of you may think I’m not since I’m in Mildred’s body, but when I’m out of this body my appearance is a white cat, have red eyes, one red and one gray, brown horns, even nail sharp claws and can be a little nearsighted. You don’t have to know where I live though.”

“That’s fine.”

“It just sucks to let people live, the ones you do hate and just can’t forget about it, like you just want to get your vengeance. So when I was 10, I transported to Mildred’s original home, and then possessed her, by putting her in the damn mirror. And also Bertha was a baby kitten and didn’t know if I was the actual Mildred; she thinks I’m actually Mildred and just get my name wrong.”

“That doesn’t mean you can boss her around; you’re not her sister, you just appear differently and doesn’t know it.”


Outside the doors of the Occult Club Room, Henry, Yandere-Chan, and Skarlet have the mirror walking on both sides, Yandere-Chan on the left and Henry and Skarlet with the mirror in their hands on the right, ready to get in.

“Do you think we should go in?” asked Skarlet.

“I don’t know,” said Henry, “but we gotta have to keep quiet. You guys will never know if she decides to be crazy. Remember last time when she got crazy and captured Layla and Bertha?”

“Oh, right.”

“Yeah, so for this time, we got the mirror and we’re gonna change Absinthe back to Mildred.”

“But it can be a complete waist of our time.”

“What if it ain’t,” said Yandere-Chan, “well we don’t expect Mildred to be anywhere else, and Nyle said that we need to use that specific mirror. So let’s just get ready to bust right in til Nyle tells us to.”

The scene cuts back inside The Occult Club Room, where Nyle and Absinthe were talking to each other about how Absinthe went to this world and how she possessed Mildred.

Knowingly Nyle knows what Absinthe was talking about, but didn’t know she had a bad past back when she was little, before she possessed Mildred.

“Now don’t worry about it,” said Nyle, “all that stuff is in the past. That means that you have a bad life, doesn’t mean you can possess someone.”

And then Henry and Yandere-Chan burst inside the room while Skarlet got inside and grabbed a chair; they sat her down forcefully to the middle of the circle as Henry set the mirror right in front of her.

Nyle got up from her chair and got to Absinthe holding her down on the left side while

Skarlet’s holding her down on the right, while holding her gun.

“Yep, we got it,” said Henry, “we got the mirror!”

“What? I thought you are using it for a fitting!” said Absinthe.

“I lied! Besides I can’t afford a tuxedo anyway.”

“And you are gonna snap!” said Skarlet in demandment.

“You wouldn’t dare!” yelled Absinthe.

“Oh, I would!”

“Na, I ain’t gonna deal with this s**t! Hell no!”

Skarlet points the gun to Absinthe’s head wanting to change her back to Mildred, or else she’ll get a bullet through the head.

“I’m gonna tell you right now. To snap back to MIldred, or you’re f**king dead.”

“Good call on bringing Absinthe here Nyle.” said Henry.

Absinthe wouldn’t believe what Henry just said, hearing that the people surrounding her, including Nyle were tricking her this whole time; she turns to Nyle.

“You planned this?” asked Absinthe, “I trusted you!”

“Look, just stare at the mirror Absinthe!” said Nyle as she turned Absinthe’s head towards the mirror, “You’re gonna go back to the world you came from, and you’re gonna stay there!”

“No I ain’t doing s**t!”

“You are gonna look at the mirror!” yelled Skarlet, “And you are gonna snap your fingers when we tell you to!”

“But Mildred’s not in there! I know it!”

“Oh really?” Skarlet turns to Henry and Yandere-Chan, “Bring the mirror closer!”

Henry and Yandere-Chan bring the mirror close to Absinthe in front of her face.

“Real Mildred is not gonna be in there! I know I ain’t gonna snap it, it’s not gonna happen!”

“You are gonna snap your fingers in front of that mirror!” yelled Yandere-Chan.

“Bertha wants her older sister back!” yelled Henry, “so snap it!”

Skarlet holds Absinthe in place at gunpoint; she stays there until Absinthe snaps back to Mildred.

Absinthe doesn’t know what else to do; she didn’t know where to go, don’t know where to run, so it looks like she had no other place to go except through the mirror.

“Snap your fingers.” said Skarlet with a gun pointing to Absinthe’s head.

“...Do I have to?”

“Snap it…”

“She’s not here you know?”

“Then snap it back to Mildred then. Snap it, or die.”

Absinthe then raises a hand for a snapping position; she feels a little afraid of what’s gonna happen next. She looks at the mirror feeling afraid as hell.

“I tried to talk to her but Mildred if you don’t talk to me I’m not-”

“Snap it…”

“’re just nothing but f**king jerks man…”

“F**king do it…”

“...Guess...I have to go back to the hell I live in.”


Absinthe snaps her fingers while looked at the mirror, but then when she did, it just build an eerie silence. Maybe she changed back to Mildred, no one knows.

“Hey Mildred,” said Henry, “Is that actually you?”

The grey cat opened her eyes, and shows that it’s a green color looking like it’s a lazy emotion.

“...My names Lynn…” she said, “...I’m the foreign cat from the intergalactic tribe…”
Henry, Yandere-Chan, Skarlet, and Nyle looked at her in confusion, didn’t know if it’s actually her.

“What, who is this?” asked Skarlet.

“All of you have destroyed my planet…”

“Oh for god sakes!” Skarlet holds the cat at gunpoint again to change to Mildred, not someone else, “Come on snap to Mildred!”

“Do not point the firearm at me...All you do is take and destroy…”

“SNAP YOUR FINGERS!!!” Skarlet raised the grey cat’s arm to a snapping position. “You better snap it for god sakes!”

The cat snapped her fingers and then her eye color turned to purple, then feels a little crazy.

“Woah hello! Little miss Mia’s here! Haha, man I like how this snapping and lapping haha.”

“Ugh Snap to Mildred you b**ch!”

Absinthe snapped to someone else again, but the eye color changed from a purple, to a orange color, representing someone else.

“Yo Mildred.” said Nyle.

“Mildred come on.” said Henry.

“Ugh, I’m Mary and I usually drink and that’s what I am…” said Absinthe, “Say, have you ever got a question from a wizard...Then said put it on my bill?” She weirdly laughed, then was grabbed by the neckline by Skarlet.

“Snap your fingers!” yelled Skarlet, “Just snap it!”

“Why the grab hold girl?”

“Snap! Your fingers!”

“Woah don’t touch me. Stranger danger...Stranger danger…”

“For god sake!” Skarlet then drops the gun and shakes Absinthe back to Mildred, “Snap back into Mildred! Snap it!”

Then Skarlet accidentally got the orange mass out of Absinthe and went out the mirror and then a red mass came out of the mirror and came inside Mildred’s body, and seemed that it’s still Absinthe, still in Mildred’s body as her eye color came back. Looks like the snapping didn’t work.

She got back up and grabbed the gun and hold at gunpoint.

“Back the f**k off! Back the f**k off!” Absinthe then tripped Skarlet, Henry, and Yandere-Chan to the floor and grabbed the mirror, “This s**t’s mine! Stay away from me!” She turns to Nyle, “I trusted you! And you lied to ME!”

“Absinthe I thought this was gonna work.” said Nyle.

“I knew it! I knew I shouldn’t have came here! I ain’t gonna deal with this s**t no longer!
All of you know how capable of now! Nothing’s gonna happen if Mildred’s not in the damn mirror! And I can’t believe you Nyle! I told you all about my life! There’s no way I ain’t gonna live a damn life of a f**king underworld pain!”

“Absinthe, just please lower the gun and please snap Mildred back to her body please.”

“...I’m leaving, and you guys are not gonna follow, or you guys are never gonna know what’s coming, of what I got in store.”

“Come on Absinthe what will it take to give Mildred back?!” asked Henry.

Absinthe turns and points the gun at Henry.

“And I can’t believe I loved you but you betrayed me! And I know one of you had been talking to Mildred! I know it!...” Absinthe moves to the closest door she’s in; she opens it while still holding at gunpoint, “You guys are not gonna follow me, but you Nyle,” she then points the gun at Nyle, “if you see Mildred, if the next time you’re gonna talk to her, then tell her to kindly f**k off!” She runs off out of the room, out of the school running away somewhere to hide.

Henry, Yandere-Chan, Skarlet, and Nyle were left with no idea why the snapping didn’t work. Looks like they have to wait again and find out.

To be Continued...
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 9
Update for the new storytime video, still working on it, just been very tired this week and last week, and yes I'm still working on "The Devil Within" fanfic for the LWHAYC fanfic series, just putting that to the side since I have two things to do, and of course have some school stuff to do which sucks still, but there's about a month left til school is over. I will keep you guys updated when I have the chance.

Now on to the references! The whole thing including the scenes where Henry, Yandere-Chan, and the rest of the team try to change Absinthe back to Mildred but change to three different personalities, was a whole reference from the McJuggerNuggets video of the The Devil Inside series "Snap until you die." 

Mildred, Absinthe, and Bertha belong to me

Nyle and Layla belongs to shgurr

Yandere Simulator characters belong to YandereDev

Skarlet the Hedgehog belong to MartuXeneize

and Henry the Hedgehog belong to RaeBae

The Devil Within Ch. 8:
The Devil Within Ch. 10: ???

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Chapter 8: Depends on what’s in the mirror

Bertha has got herself transported into the mirror; she opens her eyes slowly regaining her vision, then when her vision is cleared, she looks around and appears to be in some sort of silver like room.

Surrounding her with nothing but a silver room, except some mirrors that a person from the other world can listen to from her world.

She looks around in worry and sadness, feeling scared and confused of why Absinthe did this to her; she just wants to go home, but instead was transported to this very empty room.

“Hello.” Bertha said as she stand up and quivers in fear and looks around seeing nothing within sight; she then looks down and tears poured down her cheeks. She sits back down on the floor and hugs her knees, and continues to cry as she feels like she’s alone, once again.

The scene fades to a different room, but looks like the silver looking room, isn’t the only room in the mirror. There’s also a room for Mildred, she’s in the mirror, but she can transport to any mirror from around the world.

We see the real Mildred, sitting in her bed looking down and depressed wanting to see her sister again; she looks at pictures of her when she was little, and when her sister was a baby kitten in her arms. Oh how she loved those moments, but those moments ended when Absinthe took control of her body.

Then she heard soft crying from the silver room next door to her. So she gets off the bed, and opens the door to see that it’s Bertha, looking like she’s crying in her sleep.

Mildred looks around knowing that there’s no one else that appeared, but how did Bertha got in here? Then she thought that it was Absinthe that made her transport to this world.

So she comes on over to the sleeping Bertha, give her a gentle pet on the head to calm her quivering, and picks her up and carries her from the silver room to her room, giving her comfort not just in the mirror, but away from Absinthe as possible.


Back on the road where Roland’s RV is parked, Absinthe drives up right next to it and parks the car to the other side of the road.

She comes out of the car with the mirror in her hands and comes over to the RV.

“Hopefully she stays shut up,” said Absinthe, “she’s just gonna trust me on this.” When she got to the door she opens it up and goes inside; she looks around and see that Roland’s RV looks great, but also, there’s some blood on the floor she sees where the bathroom floor is at, “Man...That guy has got to a low down.”

Absinthe comes over to the door and opens it up as she said, “Hey Roland, what’s poppin my pig-...What the hell?” It looks like Roland ain’t in here. “Yo bro, you here man?”

Then Roland sneaks up behind Absinthe while she ain’t looking, then headlock her down to the ground.

“So you decided to come over?!” asked Roland in fury.

“Dude what the hell?!”

“You don’t f**k with me!”

Then Absinthe grabs Roland’s shoulders and throws him down to the bathroom floor.

“What the f**k dude?! You try to f**king jump me?! After all of this s**t?!”

“You goddamn stabbed me you b**ch!”

“Yeah no s**t, because you didn’t got me any ammo! What kind of friend like you doesn’t have ammo?! I have been sober and unloaded for a couple days cuz of you! I used to get the ammo man! I was counting on you! And that is what you had coming for you!...You are a dumbass dude!...”

“F**k you…”

“Well I expect you to be gone man! Why are you in the RV parked here still?! Why can’t you call someone?!”

“I have no one to f**king call!”

“Then call a doctor for yourself for god sake!”

“Yeah good idea, do that so everyone would know that I sell bullets!”

“My god just shut up dude! I got bigger s**t that I have to deal with! Whenever it is, I’m not bad to you though, so I’m gonna fix this situation! Just hang in there!”

Absinthe closes the bathroom door leaving Roland in there coughing and all in there, while she goes to a different room to hide her mirror.


Inside the mirror where Mildred’s room is, Mildred lays Bertha down on her bed to rest; she covers her with a soft blanket for warmth, but she can’t stand to just wonder, how did she got in, but doesn’t matter to her still, so it’s pretty much a mattering switch.

Bertha moves her head and opens her eyes; she looks around, and saw that she’s in a bed at a different room. How did she got in here even though she was transported in a mirror? Then she looked up and see that it’s a different Mildred.

“Hey sweetie,” said Mildred, “You doing alright?”

Bertha then hides under the covers and quivers in fear.

“Go away,” said Bertha, “you hated me, remember?”

“...No I don’t.”

“Yes you do! I don’t wanna be yelled at anymore!” Bertha then burst into tears.

Mildred never sees her little sister so scared before; she then thinks of what happened to her little sister? What made her so scared and terrified? Then a light bulb popped out of her head showing that she has thought what happened to her. Mildred was there for Bertha only saw her for only several months, but when Absinthe possessed Mildred, Bertha got afraid of her as she got older, since Absinthe has taken over Mildred’s body and try to torture her for the past 8 years.

She then carries the crying Bertha and gently rub her back gently like mother hugging her young; she then rubs the top of Bertha’s head.

“Bertha...I’m not who you think I am...I’m your real sister…”

“And you always hated me!”

“No no I don’t...I will always love you…” Mildred thinks Bertha doesn’t believe her. So she sits her sister on the bed and comes close, “Okay honey, take a good look at me...What do you see different?...”

Bertha still leaves her eyes closed still feels afraid of her older sister.

“...You sure you’re not gonna hurt me?...”

“There’s no way honey…”

Bertha then opens her left eye at her real sister, then opens her other eye, looking like her sister doesn’t even look bad, still wearing the dress and bows, but looks different. She sees her sister have blue eyes instead of red and grey, and her right ear isn’t chewed off of, even the top of her hair isn’t as pink anymore.

And then, Bertha has a flashback from way back when she was a baby kitten, when she used to be held by her big sister, and used to be called little blossom. And when the flashback was over, she looks the same face but a little older.

“...Sister?...” Bertha said in such a shock, then she tears up and hugs Mildred happy on the inside to see her actual big sister again.

“...I missed you too little blossom.” Mildred hugs her little sister as she loved to see her once  again finally for the past eight years.

Bertha is happy to see her sister, but confused of why she’s in a mirror, but not on the outside world? And why was her eyes red? When did this happened?

“But Mildred?”

“Yeah Bertha?”

“...Who was that person who looks like you?”

Mildred then felt the dread as she heard what Bertha said; she might as well tell her sister the truth.

“Bertha...The one who’s trying to kill you...Is Absinthe.”


“Yes Absinthe...Long time ago, I was going out to the backyard trying to find what noise of what it came from, and then I heard it was Absinthe the Horned Demon Cat.”

“Horned demon cat?...She must’ve sound scary…”

“She is, then she hunted me down and took over my body, and poured my soul to the mirror; she doesn’t even know where the original mirror went.”

“What mirror?”

“The one from our original home from back then. Right now, the mirror she has with her, that’s a different mirror.”

“Is Absinthe ever gonna get you out big sister?”

“I’m not sure, but Absinthe’s still in my body, and Nyle’s helping me to get me out, to loure Absinthe in order to get my body back.”

“...I hope you come back out…”

“I hope so too sweety.”

Then Bertha hears a noise from outside her world; she gets off the bed and runs out and looks that she’s looks at Absinthe trying to hide the mirror.

The scene cuts back to inside the RV, but in a bedroom of some sort, Absinthe covers the mirror with one of the covers from the bed.

“Absinthe!!” Bertha said through the mirror, “Absinthe get me out of here please!”

“Shut up you brat!” yelled Absinthe, “Oh and wow you finally found out my name finally! Good job for god sakes! It took you that long to realize it!” She then leaves the room leaving the mirror in the bedroom under the covers. She sits in the living room sitting in the booths as she pulls out her phone dialing Nyle up for a phone call. “Alright, let’s get her up.”

The scene cuts back inside the mirror, Bertha is just looking at darkness through that mirror.

“Bertha?” asked Mildred in concern, then looks that Bertha wants out. She comes over to her little sister and holds her back, “Bertha just wait. She’ll get you out.”

“But I wanna go home!” yelled Bertha in sadness.

“I know sweetie, I know but just wait for a bit...Just be quiet like she said and she’ll let you go.”

Bertha then bursts into tears again, and wants her big sister to comfort her. Mildred hugs her back to calm her down.


At The Basu Sisters home, Nyle and Layla are just sitting down waiting for an answer from Absinthe, Nyle is just sitting down on the couch looking at her phone waiting for her to call while Layla is waiting with her.

But then Nyle’s phone finally started ringing; she picks up the phone phone and answers it.

“Hello?” asked Nyle.

“Hey Nyle what’s up girlfriend?” asked Absinthe on the phone.

“Hey what’s going on?” Then she hears something from the background like something's not right, “In fact, what’s going on over there?”

“Shut up back there you little brat!”

Layla then hears Bertha screaming in the background as well, sounding like she’s in trouble.

“Yo girl, is Bertha back there? Is she okay?” asked Nyle.

“Yeah she’s fine,” said Absinthe over the phone, “She’s just being an idiot! What do you think it is?”

“You better not be hurting her!”

“She’s trying to scream for help and whatever, something like that!...Anyway nothing about me, what about you girl?”

“Just chillin in my home.”

“Been talking with the real Mildred huh?”

“...No, where are you right now?! Where’s Bertha?!”

“...Look, if you want her back...I need you to make a deal with me.”

“What deal?”

“All you do is talk with the real Mildred and that’s all you ever do! So I need you tell me what she was saying!”


“What is she saying?! And why is she talking to you?!”

“I don’t know, she appeared on my mirror and talked to me that’s it!”

“...You better start talking to me...Or else I’m gonna cut Bertha’s throat open.”

“No! Don’t you dare touch Bertha Absinthe!”

“Well she’s not my sister dumbass! What do you think she is?!...You know what? You know what?...I’m in an RV right now, and I’m gonna drive right behind your home. So how abo-...Wait...Is it just you?”

“Yeah, it’s just me.”

“How about you and I have a conversation...Meet me up behind your house and we’ll talk, and you can have Bertha back.”

“...Okay, what time?”

“Just come over when I get behind your house alright?”

“Alright fi-”

“And it’ll be just you and no one else! And no tricks understand?!”

“Yes got it, just don’t touch Bertha alright?”

“I ain’t even touching her one bit.”

“I get her back though right? If I come and talk with you I get her back right?”


“Okay...I’ll be there when you get here.”

Then Absinthe hangs up the phone.

The scene cuts back to the place where Absinthe is standing right next to the car she was driving, puts back her phone, and opens up the trunk to see what weapons she has left; she seemed to still have her loaded flare gun so she can use that for safety just in case.

“Sweet, something that’s still loaded off the top.” said Absinthe as she closed the trunk, she goes back inside the RV, and drove off leaving behind the car she was driving.

The scene then cuts back to The Basu sister home when Nyle is waiting for Absinthe to come over, but also needs someone else to help, while Layla is even worried than before.

“Okay, Absinthe is gonna bring back Bertha like she said,” said Nyle to Layla, “everything’s gonna be alright.”

“But what if she runs off with her again?” asked Layla in concern.

“I’m sure she’s gonna give back Bertha again, I know it, but if she doesn’t then we can have backup. That’s why I’m thinking of getting Henry and Yandere-Chan to help out to stop her just in case.”

“Did she say she’s gonna be at the backyard?”

“Yeah pretty much. We’ll get her back, no worries.”


Outside at the back of the house, Nyle looks that the RV’s not parked there, but parked at least a few feet away from the property. Nyle is waiting outside while Layla’s inside watching from a upstairs; she looks left and right waiting for Henry and Yandere-Chan to show up.

Finally after several minutes, Henry and Yandere-Chan came around for Nyle.

“Hey Nyle, we came as soon as we can.” said Henry.

“What’s going on?” asked Yandere-Chan.

“Well we’re gonna be surrounding Absinthe to bring Bertha back here.” said Nyle, “well actually you guys are gonna help but have to hide first where she doesn’t see you.”

“So that means we have to keep an eye on her.”

“Of course.”

“So we’ll be doing this this way and that way thing?” asked Henry.

“No we can’t,” said Nyle, “You guys are gonna be hiding in a spot where Absinthe can’t see you, and I’ll be in there with her talking with her to get Bertha back, but if things go wrong than that’s where you guys come in.”

“Okay, so here’s what I think. We’ll hide in front of the house and when you guys are talking in there, then we’ll come up there either on the side or behind the RV where she ain’t lookin.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“So you’re going to the RV?”

“Yeah, I’ll go check.”

“Okay...Good luck.”

Then Henry and Yandere-Chan go around the house to the front where they can never be seen from Absinthe while Nyle walks over to the RV to talk with her.


At the RV, Nyle comes inside and looks around, seeing that there’s no one here; she also wonders of how she even got an RV in the first place. Absinthe’s not here, Bertha doesn’t look like she’s here.

“Absinthe!” Nyle called out, “Bertha!” She looks around the room, then she discovers blood on the carpet, “What the…” She then feels that Bertha might be killed in there; she turns angry, runs up the door, and opens it, but then sees in relief, but also confusion. It wasn’t Bertha though, but some bour bleeding through the mouth and chest. “What the...Who are you?”

“Well who the f**k are you?” asked Roland as he coughed.

“What dude....There’s there’s freaking blood everywhere man what is this?!”

“That psycho Absinthe did this to me!”

“Wait, Absinthe? She did this to you?”

“Where the hell is she?”

Then Nyle closes the door as she heard someone coming in; she turns around and appears to be Absinthe holding her flare gun.

“Hahahaha...Hey girl, what’s up Nyle girl?” asked Absinthe as she lifts up her flare gun.

“Absinthe what is this?!” asked Nyle, “What did you do to that bour guy?! Whatever his name is?!”

“Oh you mean Roland? He’s my ammo dealer.”

“Absinthe! Put that gun down and we’ll talk alright?”

“Sure thing girl, have a seat.”

Nyle takes a seat on the booth close by her.

“Now would you tell me why Roland is covered in blood?”

“Well let me ask you first. How’ve you been girl? Haven’t seen ya in awhile.”

“Where’s Bertha? Where is she?”

“...I...Wow girl...You’re asking me that already?...She’s in here dude.”

“Oh yeah she’s in here? Then if she is, then where is she? I’ve checked all over dude!”

“Because you’re walking in the wrong brain there girl. Glad you found Roland too, you didn’t help him did you?”

“No, I don’t know who he is!…I just got here!”

“Okay, now you need to tell me,” Absinthe walks a little closer to Nyle, “What did the real Mildred told you?”

“No! I ain’t gonna ask you that!”

“Oh, so she didn’t tell you?!...That Roland’s in there?! She didn’t tell you of how good he was until he worked for me?! Because I got that pig down to his knees!”

“I ain’t telling you anything until I see Bertha! Now where is she?!”

“I never snapped him in this world, there’s no way I can do that!”

“Put the flare gun down dude!”

“You know what no. Just let me take a seat alright? And I’ll tell you.” Absinthe sits right next to Nyle still holding her on gunpoint.

“No, I ain’t dealing with this!”

“You want me to do what I did to Roland?!”


“Then stay seated and let’s talk alright? Calm things do-” Then Absinthe hears Roland’s voice in the bathroom as she turns to the bathroom, “Shut up man! I know I can f**king hear you dude!” She turns back to Nyle, “Don’t worry about him. I mean come on, you think I would be giving away Bertha just like that? Nobody plays me...So let’s just talk girl okay?...So?...”

“Sooo, what?”

Absinthe puts her flare gun down on the table.

“How long has it been girl? How long has it been? It’s been a few days.”

“Really? Why’s the- You’re just wacked out of your mind Absinthe. This just getting crazy.”

“No I just wanna know what the real Mildred said! What did she say?!”

“I can’t tell you what it is!”

“Okay why?! Is it that valuable than someone else’s life?!”

“Yes! And that is Bertha’s life!”

“Well how is it than?! How is it of not giving a s**t about what’s going on?!” Absinthe said as she picks back the gun, “Tell me that!”

“What, I don’t, I-I don’t ge-”

“Are you even listening to me?!”

“Wha- yes.”

Absinthe thinks Nyle ain’t listening.

“Don’t fool me!”

“Look I just wanna talk with you so that I can have Bertha back home! That’s it!”

“...You’ll see her again, as long as you tell me some s**t okay?!”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” Nyle then looks at her phone to text Henry and Yandere-Chan to go to the side of the RV.

“AY!” Absinthe shouted to Nyle to pay attention, “pay attention when I talk to you...What did Mildred tell you? What did she say?”

The scene cuts to Henry and Yandere-Chan hiding at the side of the RV as they got the text message earlier. While Absinthe and Nyle are talking in there, Henry pulls out his knife and Yandere-Chan pulls out her knife prepared if anything goes wrong.

“Ready when she’s ready.” said Henry.

“Should we go in now?” asked Yandere-Chan, “sounds like they’re yelling pretty loud in there.”

“I don’t know. I’ll text her back.” Henry texts Nyle on his phone.

The scene cuts back to inside the Rv where Absinthe and Nyle are talking with each other.

“Hello what did she say?!” asked Absinthe demanding Nyle to face her.

“Wha- Oh,” Nyle said as she puts her phone down, “girl I can’t tell you!”

“What did she say?! What did she said to you?!”

“Mildred only told me what you did to her and what name it is, I know it’s Absinthe but didn’t tell what you are if you’re not in her body! You told me that you’re the horned demon cat so that I know now!”

“Yeah, you damn right! That’s the smartest thing you’ve finally figured out! Now Mildred she is nothing but a dumbass dude! Her you just follow the instructions from her so that you don’t help Bertha!”

“No, the science club leader Kaga told me-”

“Kaga, whose Kaga? You mean that guy with the weird head gear? He doesn’t even look like a wizard.”

“No he said to wait for this to happen!”

“Oh like he wants this to happen!”

“No like...Ugh, okay, what’s the letter after L? And what’s the first name of the science club leader?”

“...Really?...Really? That s**t?...Na just kidding I know what that is! I know what the alphabet goes!...It’s Kaga like you’ve...Wait, you mean the Kaga?” Absinthe realized that Nyle is talking about Kaga that’s not just the scientist, but also the magic man “...Ooooh boy where is he girl?”

“He’s not here!”

“He’s gotta be since you’ve mentioned him so where is he?!”

“He’s not here right now!”

“Okay look I’ll tell you what, demons in Japan, mostly Buraza Town and the town of where I live, throwing souls in mirrors, that’s legit! And you are talking about magic or something?” Absinthe then comes to the front door and opens it up to see if Kaga is here, but no one’s here. So she closes the door and sits back with Nyle, “Yeah he’s not here girl.”

“I told you!”

“Well since that science guy’s not here, you tell me! What did he and Mildred tell you?! What’s gonna happen?!”

“Just to let you self-destruct that’s it!”

“Oh really?” Then Nyle proceeds to her phone, then Absinthe noticed that Nyle is with someone, “...What are you doing?...”

“Nothing just...playing on an app?”

Absinthe then takes away Nyle’s phone and looks that Nyle’s texting someone.


“Now wait Absinth-”

“I trusted you!! I f**king trusted you b**ch!!...What, are people coming here right now?!”

“No dude! You’re fine!”

Absinthe gets off of her seat and points her flare gun at Nyle again.

“This better not be some sort of trap! I swear girl! It better not!”

“Look I just want to have Bertha back.”

Absinthe doesn’t believe for a second, and still believe that someone Nyle called up can get her at any moment.

“Do you trust me?! That no one’s surrounding me?”

“No, no one’s surrounding you...Not even one person.”

“...Then I’ll give her back then...I’ll give her back, when you leave, and tonight you’ll have her!”

“Al-alright..Just please gimme my phone...I’ll be outside, and you’re gonna give her back right?”

“...Exactly, now you better leave! And I’ll give her back!...You trust me?”

“Of course, of course.”

Nyle gets up from her seat, walks over her to Absinthe and grabs her phone, and slowly walks to the front door, and gets out of the RV unharmed, but doesn’t have Bertha with her.

But before Nyle was getting out, Absinthe comes to the door.

“And also, if you see Mildred...She needs to talk with me...Or else s**t gets out of hand because I will do it!”

“Yeah sure, I got that.”

Henry and Yandere-Chan came over and saw that Bertha ain’t here with Nyle, seeing that she doesn’t have Bertha.

“Hey Nyle, where’s Bertha?” asked Henry.

“...We have to wait til Absinthe let’s her out.” said Nyle.

“What we can’t wait that long!”

Henry then tries to go but gets pulled back by Nyle.

“Dude we can’t go in there.”


“She caught me texting you guys.”

“Well you alright?” asked Yandere-Chan.

“Yeah thank god,” said Nyle, “So Absinthe’s still inside and we have to wait because that’s what we’re suppose to do.”


“Well that’s what she told me...So all of us have to be home, I trust Absinthe.”

“What, you trust Absinthe?!”

“Well I’m only gonna trust her only once, and that’s it.”

“So we’re suppose to do nothing?” asked Henry in aggravation, “and wait for Absinthe to let go of Bertha?!”

“We’re just gonna go and wait at home alright?” asked Nyle, “and apparently Bertha will come back.”

“So apparently she’ll come back right.”

“No I’m serious... We should all just go home and wait. Bertha will come back, I know it.”

“Is she gonna come back like she was before?”

“Please, just trust me...Absinthe is gonna bring back Bertha; she ain’t going to unless we all go home and she’ll bring her back.”

“...Well, I guess we have to trust her at least once,” said Yandere-Chan agreeing with Nyle, “So at least Absinthe came back and has to have Bertha, and probably got tired with her anyway.”

“Yeah but what if she runs off again?” asked Henry, “just like last time?”

“Well maybe we can give her the time to calm down...besides, I think I have a plan to hold her down.”

“To get Mildred back.” said Nyle.

“Yeah exactly, at least she’s got the mirror right?” asked Yandere-Chan.

“I know she does, now come one, let’s get out of here until she has a serious problem.”

Then Nyle, Henry, and Yandere-Chan run off back to their homes and wait for Bertha to come back home.


At night, where everyone’s asleep, but Nyle and Layla might be still awake waiting for Bertha to get back home, Absinthe just waits till the moon rises; she looks outside and saw that the moon rises and it’s 10:30 at night.

“Ugh alright, a deal's a deal,” said Absinthe as she walks up to the bathroom; she opens the door to see Roland’s still bleeding, “Hey Roland, how you doing man? You still alive boar boy?”

“...Does it f**king look like it?” asked Roland feeling a little weak.

“Alright look, I promise you that I’m not a bad person to you. I told you that, and I’m gonna be turning you to a new leaf where you don’t have to live in this world anymore.”

“Well I just wanna f**king live man.”

“That’s what I’m doing,” Absinthe gives her spare flare gun to Roland, “You can’t go to the hospital...Wait, say you know what? How about I put you in the mirror so you don’t have to live in this world like this. Once you’re in your better.”

“What the hell do you even mean?”

“Put you in the mirror.”

“What mirror?”

“Well if you want to get better then that’s the only way man!”

“To where a stupid picture where your frozen or something?”

“No, that world is good I know it is, okay look,” Absinthe closes the door to the bathroom and runs off to the bedroom to get the mirror. When she got back she set the mirror right in front of Roland, “Alright, you still good?”

Roland gives an okay sign exaggerating of what he is saying.

“F**king terrific.” Roland picks up the mirror and brings it up in front of him; he picks up the flare gun for his protection.

“Okay, don’t use it unless someone was trying to attack you. Now look in the mirror, snap your fingers, and you’ll be transported inside, and you’ll get to live in this world.”

Roland doesn’t really know if it’s gonna work or not; he points the flare gun to Absinthe.

“You better not be joking with me right now...Cuz I swear I will pull this trigger if it doesn’t work.”

“Yo dude I promise...You’ll be golden once you get in there...Once you get in there...You’ll be fine, like nothing ever happened.”

“Well you owe me some medication girl.”

“You don’t need it once you get through, you’ll be as fine as a whissel. No matter what homey.”

Then Roland raised his hand, and snapped his fingers while he looked at the mirror. The mirror glows white again and sucked Roland down and faded inside.


Inside the mirror, Bertha and Mildred are talking with each other even with Mildred telling Bertha the whole story of how Absinthe got inside her body, but also there’s more to the story of how worse the mirror world really is.

“And that’s what this world is,” said Mildred, “nothing but emptiness.”

“I don’t want to live alone.” said Bertha.

“At least you’re safe with me sweetie. When I’m out then you don’t have to worry about Absinthe anymore.”

Then all of a sudden, a boar shaped glow happened right in front of them. Then appeared a strange green boar but wearing a leather jacket holding a flare gun.

Bertha comes close to her big sister wanting to be safe.

Roland looks around and see that this room looks like this is the future.

“Damn, no wonder why movies show lots of awesome stuff about rooms,” said Roland, “like this one.” Then he looks and believes that Absinthe is not in his world, but also in this world, and looks like she has a little assistant, “Ah you gotta be kidding me!”

Mildred keeps Bertha behind her for her safety.

“Who are you suppose to be?” asked Mildred to Roland.

“Remember Roland? And I’m gonna ask you, how did you get here?!...And all of a sudden how did these scars got off me?”

“Well I ain’t Absinthe! I’m Mildred!”

“Mildred?...Oh wait that name that everyone’s kept calling Absinthe out there...Are you her sister?”

“No, Absinthe is my enemy; she’s the demon that possessed my body, and I’ve been stuck here for a long time because of her! And also, was planning to kill my sister!”

“Your sister?”

“Yes, my little sister.” Mildred stands aside to reveal the scarred Bertha, for Roland to see.

“Huh...What do you know? Wait that means, Absinthe is planning to kill your sister? No wonder she asked me for ammo; she tried to buy it out of me to use it on her!”

“You sold ammo to Absinthe?”

“Well she said that she’ll pay me big, but since she bought the rest I sold the backup for for a shooting class at a gun emporium. Still, I can’t believe she would even do this! And I felt stupid!”

Then a voice from Absinthe came on through.

“Hey, little brat!” yelled Absinthe, “I know you’re in there!”

“Who cares what you say Absinthe?!” asked Roland in anger, “You ain’t killing a little kitten! You lied to me!”

“I’m not gonna kill her this time Roland, I’m waiting for her to come out. I’m gonna be letting her go. Was talking with Nyle and wanted her to trust me, so when our talk is over, a deal’s a deal.”

“What deal?”

“The deal that I’m gonna let Bertha go.”

“Let her go?”

Mildred does kinda trust Absinthe, even if her soul is in the mirror, she still can’t kill Bertha due to her unresisting.

“...I think we should let her go.” said Mildred.

“What, no Mildred,” said Bertha, “I don’t wanna go!”

“I’m sorry sweetie, but I’m just a soul right now; I can’t go anywhere.”

“No I don't wanna leave you!”

Roland feels bad for Mildred and Bertha, even if Absinthe does kinda look the same he doesn’t know what to do, so he grabs the crying Bertha and carries her close to the opening of the mirror.

“Sorry kid,” said Roland, “but it’s for your own good.”

He throws Bertha through the opening of the mirror and the mirror closes.


Back in the RV, a white mass came out of the mirror, then it transforms to Bertha's shape, and Bertha returns to normal unharmed but was wanting to go back in to see her sister again. Crying and bursts into tears.

“Hey kid calm it down,” said Absinthe, “calm it down for god sakes, that was your first mirror transport.”

“Absinthe where am I?!” asked Bertha still crying.

“Relax kid you’re back to this world. That was your first mirror traveling experience right there.
How was it?”

“Mildred was talking to me!”

“Yeah great, she was in there. But me I don’t get to see her yet, so I’ll take that mirror.” Absinthe takes the mirror, “and you can go back home kid.”

“You gotta put me back in there please!”

“Hold on kid you’re only doing it once, but not again okay kid? Just take a moment, take a breather. We’re in an RV right now, your home is a few feet away.”

Bertha calms her crying a little bit, but still misses her big sister; she looks down and sees that there’s blood.

“Whose blood is that?!”

“You got swapped right now, now let’s just get out of here alright? Your home is a few feet away come on, come on.”

Bertha then holds absinthe’s hand and follows her to the entrance.

Absinthe then opens the door revealing that Bertha’s is almost home, she just need to walk over there and come in.

“Is, that my home?”

“Yeah duh, just walk over there, you’re gonna be captured no longer from here on out.” Absinthe then picks her up, puts her on the grass, and walks back to the entrance, and then closes the door, but opens the window to tell her some more stuff to Bertha, “and also your home is over there, just so you know.”

“But Mildred’s in the mirror!”

“Well I can’t come with you. And I’m not Mildred I’m Absinthe remember?”

“I know...I just want my sister back…But where are you gonna go?”

“I’ll be fine on my own, I’ll be alright, and for your information, Mildred, she came close to me, and I got her body! And my old mirror, I don’t know where it is, but someone else has it, but Mildred’s in that mirror...I have no idea where it is, but that’s on her…” Absinthe then closed the window and turns off the lights from inside the RV.

Bertha then walks down to the Basu sister home; she comes to the back door of the house and knocks the door.

“Hello?” Bertha asked, “Layla?...Nyle?...” No one decided to answer, so she sat down and cries once again.

Layla walked by from inside seeing no one’s here but Bertha, and left, but then came back noticing that Bertha is back; she opened the door to let Bertha in.

“Bertha?” asked Layla, “are you okay?”

Bertha turned around to see that Layla is here; she got up and hugged Layla and buried her head in Layla’s chest. Layla hugs her back, and carries her to their room.

“I missed you…”

“I missed you too.”

To be continued...
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 8
Sorry for the long wait, still working on the storytime video, and still working on this fanfic. Right now is Spring Break here in Illinois, and finally got some time to work, but of course in the next few days there's some other stuff that I have to deal with, especially with scholarships, I have to go with my mom and my brother to the doctors this week for my bro's finger, and also have to go to a college I'm applying for. Now I finished the first scene of animation and I'm gonna be working on another scene when I get the chance. Sorry again for the wait.

Now on to the references, most of all of the scenes where Yandere-Chan, Henry, and Nyle were trying to get Bertha out of the RV where Absinthe trapped Bertha in, were all referenced from the McJuggerNuggets YouTube Series, "The Devil Inside."

Absinthe, Roland, and Bertha belong to me

Layla and Nyle belong to shgurr

Yandere Simulator characters belong to YandereDev

and Henry the Hedgehog belong to RaeBae

The Devil Within Ch. 7:
The Devil Within Ch. 9:
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Chapter 7: We’re in Osaka

In the morning after a long night of talking, Nyle have been talking with Henry and Yandere-Chan to convince them that Mildred, was not the real Mildred, and saying that it was Absinthe in Mildred’s body.

“Now listen, you guys got nothing to worry about.” said Nyle.

“What the hell do you mean we got nothing to worry about?” asked Henry in aggravation, “She’s got your new sister; she’s whacked out, some sort of new person or something! And she’s got a flare gun! What are we supposed to do? In fact better yet, what are we supposed to do? We gotta worry about it!”

“Look, I was talking with the real Mildred.”

“Real Mildred?” asked Yandere-Chan, “The real Mildred is the one that called herself Absinthe.”

“No, I was actually talking to the real Mildred in the mirror a few days prior.” said Nyle, “saying not to worry. What she said is what she said so I have to let this happen in order to get Bertha back, and get her back.”

“You have been talking to a mirror?”

“I don’t understand why Absinthe did this to her before, but since she told me Absinthe made her into a bad cat because Absinthe possessed Mildred’s body, and I was talking to Mildred through a different mirror. Her soul is in the mirror she was trapped in, but I’m not sure if the mirror Absinthe has, will work or not.”

“Well if Mildred’s soul is in the mirror then why didn’t you get her out?”

“Well I’ve been talking with the science club leader Kaga and told me to let this happen too.”

“Kaga, you mean that whack job that always knows science nonstop?”

“And he also knows demonized like spells like magic or something. It sounds weird but it’ll work.”

“Well whatever it is, it’s gone too far.” said Henry.

“That’s what I thought,” said Nyle, “and it has been continuing way before me and Absinthe even met.”

“Then when did it happened?”

“Eight years ago.”

“Eight years ago?”

“And we have to do something about it.”

“So you talked to Kaga and he’s saying to let it play out? It’s easy to let things play out but she doesn’t let this happen to her like what happen yesterday. Mildred meeting some sort of demon like what you said. Didn’t had her sister with her. Didn’t had her at gunpoint!”

“Yeah I know but real Mildred said to just let it happen.”

“Yeah and real Mildred in the mirror can just sit back and tell you all of this s**t! But we’re sitting here trying to figure out where the hell they are! Hell they might be at like in northern Japan by now!”


At a Japanese Gas Station, Absinthe carries a bag with some candy bars, one that’s filled with caramel, one that’s nougat, and one that’s a fudge brownie flavor; she gets in her car on a hurry and opens up the bag, grabs the caramel bar, and opens it up and takes a bite off of it.

“Okay, nothing to worry about,” said Absinthe, “just need to get ready for the-...” she swallows and looks at the back seats knowing that Bertha’s behind her; she thinks that if she wants her alive first then she’s gotta have to give her something to eat, “...f**k.” she comes over to the back seat, “Yo girl!” she shouted to Bertha; she hears Bertha muffling in there.

Absinthe opens the seat to the trunk revealing Bertha still tied up and yelling and muffling over her mouth being taped.

Bertha muffles as loud as she can to attract help.

“Yo shut up we’re gonna go on a trip,” said Absinthe, “well you’re coming with me so you’re coming with me,” she then grabs a fudge brownie flavored candy bar and throws it to Bertha, “there you go.”

Bertha muffled louder wanting to get out.

“Yo shut up for god sakes,” Absinthe tries to quiet her but Bertha’s muffles try and get louder, “you shut u- I get it, I get it, I get it you need to eat that hold on.” She takes the tape off of Bertha’s mouth.

“HELP! HELP!!!!” yelled Bertha.

Absinthe closes the back seat quickly to prevent anyone from hearing the little kitten and goes back to the driver's seat and starts up the car.

“Okay, better get going,” said Absinthe, still she hears Bertha screaming in the trunk, “Shut your mouth! Eat your f**king breakfast alright?!” She eats the rest of her caramel bar quickly and starts up the car, “Okay, time for me to go to Osaka.” Then she hears kicking from the back, “Don’t you dare start kicking! I just got this car alright?!”

“Help!!!” yelled Bertha in the trunk.

Absinthe drove off on her way to the city of Osaka city of Japan.

“Something’s gotta give...Something’s really gotta give.”


At Osaka city, Japan in a parking building, Absinthe founds a parking space just right enough to fit in; she parked it where the view is beautiful.

She gets out of the car and looks around and see that the city looks pretty beautiful, even though it’s a sunset.

“Awesome, alright better leave my stuff in here though,” said Absinthe, “and I never thought this was gonna be a bad time,” then she hears Bertha screaming in trunk from the car again; she comes inside the car, “shut up already!”

“Help!” yelled Bertha in the trunk.

“Can you shut up?! You might wanna save your breath from all of your screaming because you’re not gonna be leaving this! I’m gonna go have some gamble though!” Absinthe turns to her mirror, “hey Mildred,” she moves the bag of money aside and picks up the mirror, “say real Mildred, can you hear your real sister yelling? I know you might not be in there, but you see that yen right next to you? Yeah I’m gonna use that for the casino, I might win or lose it all but who cares? I sure don’t.”


“Shut up screaming this is a public place,” Absinthe turns the car off and turns to Bertha back there, “Oh and just so you know, we’re in Osaka right now. It’s a safe place with friendly people! Don’t yell too loud because there’s no one else around, probably like two cars or something! We’re at a parking garage!...” Then she hears Bertha crying in there, “Look I don’t like this more than you do so can we just deal with it?!”

“Mildred please let me out!”

“Can you just shut your f**king mouth?! You’re starting to make me feel bad alright?!”

Then Absinthe gets out of her car with her bag of money and goes to a hotel to check in, but then pauses for a minute looking at the car even though Bertha’s in there. But decides to ignore it.

“Ugh, she’ll be alright.” Absinthe said as she proceed to walk forward.


At a luxury hotel room, it shows two queen sized beds, a table with a lamp for lighting and a remote, a seventy-two inch flat screen tv standing on top of a big dresser, a mini fridge, a desk with also a lamp for either reading or writing, a menu book, and there’s also a luxury bathroom. But wait, what is complete for a bathroom without a mirror? In fact, there are three, one outside the bathroom, and two inside the bathroom, one big, and one small for makeup, there’s even a rectangular bathtub/hot tub, and a shower head, even a shower curtain with flower patterns, and a sink with golden knobs with a C and H label.

Absinthe comes inside the room with her room key and sees that she did not order a queen sweet.

“Ugh, seriously?” complained Absinthe, “I seriously ordered a king sweet!” she turns on the lamp to light up the room, and see that it doesn’t look that bad in here, “Hmm, even if I didn’t order a queen sweet it does not look that bad actually.”

She looks around and see that it might just work, even though she got just enough yen for the night; she then looks that there’s a body mirror.

“Ahh a body mirror huh? Amazing,” Absinthe comes in front of the body mirror, “hey Mildred, what’s up girl? Even though I can’t see you!”

Absinthe comes to the bathroom and turns on the light, and looks around that there’s not just one, but two mirrors.

“Well what is complete without a f**king bathroom mirror?! Guess if there’s a f**king time when you want to talk with me Mildred...You gotta do it tonight you b**ch huh? You’ve been talking with Nyle all night long what’s that all about?”

She leaves the bathroom back to the bedroom, sits down on one of the queen size beds, and turns on the lamp right next to her.

“But this feels nice. Got all of my yen so I can use some for some gambling, and thank god I booked a room though. Hell no I ain’t sleeping in a car all night with that little brat yelling all night…” She then tries to think that, is she just gonna be in Mildred’s body forever? “Welp I’m still in Mildred’s bod, but at least I still look cute so I don’t have to let people see my dark side.”

She then grabs her bag and dumps out all of her yen, making it rain on the bed.

“And besides, I got money! Okay how much should I put in for the casino?” She grabs some and counts up. So she has 5,000,000 yen, and she’d grabbed 500,000 yen. So she’ll use the 500,000 yen for gambling, and save the rest for later, “yeah looks enough right there for some gambling, save the rest for later. I did used some money for gas but that was from Mildred’s wallet.”

She looks at the mini fridge, and thinking that she is missing something though, and that is, alcohol.

“Oh yeah, I better get some booze though.” Absinthe then grabbed at least 75,000 yen, grabs her room key, and goes out of her room to get some booze.

An hour and a half later…

Absinthe comes back in with a bag full of several bottles of beer and one glass bottle of vodka; she puts the bag down, put the beer and the vodka in the mini fridge, but leaving one out for herself.

She opens it up and takes a sip of it.

“Ah, well that is worth the price of ignition.” said Absinthe. She closes the fridge and goes to her seat on the desk, and sees that there’s a room service menu.

“Huh, let’s see what I can get.” She looks through the menu and see that there’s lots of choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, even deserts, “let’s see what I can have I mean, there’s also the boys I ca-” Absinthe paused and puts down the menu for a second and realized that she’s in love with Henry, “I forgot...The boy...the hedgehog I held at gunpoint...Woah, completely forgot about that.”

She takes a drink of her beer and puts it down on the desk.

“Well...At least he’ll be fine I guess…” Absinthe then looks at the mirror right next to her bed, forgot there’s a mirror right there, “Say you wanna come out here and fight me? If you want then be my guest.” She takes another sip of beer from her beer bottle.

Absinthe goes back to the desk and looks at the room service menu again since she didn’t see the whole thing. Not that there are just food for any kind, there’s also more that are for adults too.

“Hmm, strawberry lemon pie? Mike Tyson’s punch?...Those two might sound good...Huh I wonder if that brat is here...Oh yeah I forgot she’s still in the car, hahaha. If only someone who relates to me, then I would say I just hate her so badly, no one would f**king know...Might as well slam this beer down.”

She then downs the rest of the bottle of her beer and finished it up fast; she throws it away in the trashcan. She brought up a cold glass bottle of vodka from the mini fridge and opened it up with a cat claw and takes a sip of it. To her it tastes a little strange.

“Wooh, that tasted like s**t man,” said Absinthe, “welp might as well get a cold beer out and leave the vodka in here for later, because it’s time for me to win some more mucho dineros!”

She then grabs another beer from the mini fridge, grabs her room key, grabs 500,000 yen, and walks out of her room on her way to the casino for some more money.


At a big casino area, Absinthe sits on a stool right next to a slot machine; she puts in 8,000 yen inside the slot machine for some credits.

After a few minutes, she kept pressing a button and got lucky a bunch of times. Kept on getting 777 at several turns and gets 100 free games. Now after a final spin she got a jackpot of 1,000,000 yen.

“Woohoo, got a 1 million yen baby.” said Absinthe, “This is awesome, well if I had a boyfriend then it would be cooler...Huh, maybe I should play some table games. I know that I’m suppose to have an ID but I do have Mildred’s so that’ll work.”

She gets off the seat with a ticket in her pocket for later; she looked at the sign saying roulette and it looks amazing, just a spinning wheel of red and black something like that.

“Better get my luck one.”

Absinthe comes over to the table ready to play some roulette.


Back at the hotel room, Absinthe comes in upset and pissed off as she gets on the bed and bangs a fist on her pillow.

“God dammit! Ah just all of that f**king money ugh!” yelled Absinthe. Then she calms herself down as she grabs the vodka bottle and takes a sip of it to calm her mind off.

“Well, that was a failure off the bat...still got the ticket but lost 400,000 yen down the drain….And I can’t believe it hit green, and only got half of it...But then got that down the drain as well!”

Absinthe turns around forward towards the mirror behind her.

“Welp cheers Mildred my girl. That’s 500,000 yen down. You know…” she takes a sip of vodka, “the money I have, still got a lot left but I wasted a portion of it!”

She then turns to the desk and sits on the chair with the vodka bottle on her hand; she thought she was gonna win, but also feels nothing but torture as she was trying to get Bertha away from her happy world to the dark side, but instead feels like pain even before her.

“If only I can just get out of this world and be free, but I wanted people to accept me but then people just thought me as some sort of dumbass ugly cat. That’s what I am on the inside, but on the outside have to hide in Mildred’s body in order to keep my true form hidden!...”

Absinthe then opens the curtain and looks through the window, seeing the night view, nothing but darkness no matter where she’s at, no matter what she feels; she just can’t escape. But like always, have to deal with Bertha. She looks at the parking garage next door to the hotel.

“Hmph...If she wants to see Mildred, then guess what little brat...That ain’t happening…”

Looks like she’s got a plan to do, even if the others find Bertha she has an idea, so no one will ever see Mildred once and for all.


At the parking garage, Absinthe comes over to her car to the back of her trunk; she opens up the trunk to reveal Bertha which she’s still scared of her.

“Mildred, please let me out!” said Bertha in fear, “I wanna go back home!”

“Yeah well calm down girl,” said Absinthe, “we’re in a public place right now, and you’re gonna be fine.”

“No let me out of here! Please sister! Please!”

“Just hear me out. Now here’s what’s gonna happen, people are gonna find you in here. They’re gonna find you cuz I’m gonna do something that I’ve never done before that I think the world would be a better place.”

“No! No! Let me out now!! Get me out of here please!”

“Yeah well goodbye for good.” Absinthe closes the trunk from the car.

The scene cuts to inside the trunk where the tearful Bertha is stuck and still tied up wanting to escape from her sister, but also want her to take her back home; she looks around but then feels a handle, maybe there’s something sharp that can cut the rope off of her wrists.

So she reaches it as far as she can to grab it, then finally got to it as she touched it; she drags it closer and gripped it, and moves the knife closer to the rope to cut herself out of the mess.

The scene cuts back outside where Absinthe is on the edge where she’s about to go; she stands on the ledge and spreads her arms getting ready, but then hears Bertha from behind her.

Absinthe then turns around in pure disappointment and anger as she looked at Bertha not far but a few inches away from her.

“Ah great! You’re out again?!” yelled Absinthe, “wait, is that my dagger?!” she noticed that Bertha is holding her dagger, “Well looks like we got an escaping kitty here! How did you get out of there?!”

“Please Mildred,” said Bertha in desperate, “please take me home. I wanna go back with Layla and Nyle.”

“How the hell did you get out of there?! In fact better yet. Why did you have my knife?!”

“Doesn’t matter, I just wanna go home.”

“Why do you have my knife?!”

“I need it for protection.”

“I’m not gonna hurt you yet, that’s for later! I’m gonna do that later!”

“Your not suppose to be mean Mildred. You're my sister. You’re still my sister.”

“Okay seriously? What part of “my name’s Absinthe,” did you not understand? Did you get the f**king memmo? After all of those years, how come you haven’t figured out who I am?”

“You’re my sister Mildred.”

“Hey, I’m not your sister! I’m not your sister!”

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m not! Listen you dumbass brat! You are the one that decide to be with me long time ago before you came to Buraza Town for some odd reason!”

“Tinana abandoned both of us.”

“I have no idea who Tinana is either! I’m not even crazy, I mean I had few to drink and you are just being stupid right now!”

“Let me go home. You don’t have to see me anymore.” Bertha said as she feels a little more scared and hurt, and backs away a little further.

“Oh really, why do you decide to care about me? After all of the stuff I did to you in the past?”

“You’re still my sister Mildred.”

“After all the s**t I pulled on, there’s no way back for me!”

“...We can figure things out.”

“Oh we can figure things out?! You still think I’m Mildred and I’m not her at all!”

“I think you’re still nice in there.”

“What the f**k are you even saying?! In fact, why can’t you kill me then?!”

“Because I don’t want to do that, you’re still my sister. Please just take me home, I don’t wanna be hurt by you anymore. I don’t want to be hurt.” Bertha said as she poured her heart out.

Absinthe then just doesn’t want to hear Bertha’s crying anymore, so has to think of something to make her stop.

“Alright fine fine! You wanna go home so bad?! Then fine! You can go home!...Just gimme that f**king knife you have in your hand, there’s a bike in the backseat you can ride!”

“But what if-”

“No, you gimme that damn knife, I swear no one is gonna hurt ya on the way to Buraza Town! So you gimme the knife and you can go home!...There’s a bike in the backseat, you take it and leave!”

“I still loved you though.”

“If you do so much then you leave me be then!” Absinthe then pulls out a map out of her pocket and shows a full map of Japan from Osaka to Buraza Town, “See, there’s even a map I can give to you, and you can go back to your goody goody two shoes home! Your new happy family!”

Bertha looks at the map, but has no choice, but to trust her. Since she doesn’t know the directions to Buraza Town anyway.

“You...You promise?...If I give you the knife?”

“And you can be free. If you give me that knife alright?”

Bertha walks over to Absinthe and gives her the knife, then Absinthe grabs it right out of her hands.

“Now, can I have the map please?”

Absinthe points the knife at Bertha.


“Is, there even a bi-”

“No there isn’t, lied to ya.” Absinthe looks at her in anger while Bertha looks at her in fear, “You’re coming with think you’re caring so much? Huh?”

“Mildred please.”

“You wanna talk to Mildred?”

“I do want to.”

“Well guess what, I know where she’s at, so I’m gonna take you to her; I know one place she’s a you understand? Yeah, I’m gonna take you to the real Mildred.” Absinthe looks at Bertha seeing that she’s quivering in fear, “Hey you stop being so scared...But listen, I don’t like you.”

“Please don’t say that to me.”

“You’re not my sister.”

“I am your sister Mildred.”

“I’m not Mildred, and I’m not your sister, so I don’t give a s**t. So you’re gonna walk with me to the casino and hotel. If you even think you’re gonna ask for help? We’re in Osaka you little brat. So if you think you’re gonna do anything? Then I’ll shove this knife right into ya!”

That threatened Bertha pretty much and doesn’t want to even get close to the knife.

“Mildred please don’t hurt me.”

“You get close to this knife now! Get close to it!”

Bertha then gets close to the knife like what Absinthe said and never felt so afraid in her life.

“Please, I don’t want to be hurt.”

“You don’t have to if you do what I say, like that frown of yours. Put that to the side and put one a smile, come on just a little smile. Don’t make me snap your neck. Just put on a smile, just smile alright?”

“I-I’m trying.”

“Yeah whatever, but you stay ahead of me though, but you better stay close.” Absinthe then stay close behind Bertha, holding a knife close to the back of her neck, but wonders how she got out, “but before we go inside? How did you get out?”

“I-I found your knife an cut the rope off of my hands and-”

“Alright you shut your little mouth, you do that s**t again? You’re dead. You start to think you’re gonna escape? The other one got out once, but you? That’s two twice now, you understand me?”


“Good, now we’re gonna be walking to the hotel, but stay close to the knife alright?”

Bertha didn’t say another words since she’s afraid she’s gonna be getting Absinthe more aggravated again.

“Yeah you can’t even say a word,” said Absinthe as she walked Bertha to the hotel, “we’re gonna be talking to the real Mildred. We’re gonna see her.”

So they both walk together.  Absinthe on the back, and Bertha on the front, close together so that Bertha doesn’t even run away. And Absinthe will know that when Bertha’s even gonna run, then she has the knife close up to her back.


Back at the hotel room, Absinthe opens the door and throws Bertha on the floor and closes the door quick.

“Seriously?! You can’t even smile?!” asked Absinthe in fury.

“I-I tried Mildred.” said Bertha in fear.

“Yeah right! Get in the bathroom!” She pushes Bertha in the bathroom and sets her front of the mirror, “Now you better shut up! Look in the mirror!”

Bertha then looks in the mirror but she’s still in fear.

“Please don’t do this to me Mildred.”

“I’m not Mildred!” Absinthe then comes in then looks in the mirror, but Mildred didn’t appeared in the mirror, “Mildred where are you?!...Come out! Mildred! GET THE HELL OUT OF THIE MIRROR!!”

“..Mildred you’re crazy.”

“Where the hell has she been after all of this s**t?!” Absinthe then pulls the knife back out to Bertha’s neck, “...I will do it Mildred...You know I will.”

“No please Mildred.”

Absinthe turns to Bertha.

“Get close to the knife now!”

“Please don’t hurt me.”

“Get close to it.”

Bertha then get’s close to the knife as what Absinthe said, still afraid and some tears come out of her eyes.

“Please…” Bertha whimpered.

Absinthe then turns to the mirror.

“I will do it to your little sister Mildred. I will do this, if you don’t come through this MIRROR!!”

“...Mildred, please don’t do this to me…”

Absinthe all of a sudden, dropped the knife as she leaned on the sink, looks like she doesn’t want to harm her like that...yet. Then hears the bathroom door closing, looked like Bertha got out.

Absinthe gets back up and looks in the mirror.

“Ahh Mildred…”

The scene cuts to the room where the queen size beds are, and Bertha is sitting on the other bed, looking around trying to find something to call either Layla, Henry, or any other person for help. Then she spotted a phone hanging right next to the desk, so she picks it up and dials a number.

Absinthe comes out of the mirror and saw that Bertha is trying to call for help.

“Hey get off that phone!” demanding Absinthe as she runs to Bertha with a knife up close to the top of her forehead, “Now hang it up!”

Bertha then hangs up the phone gently on the rack.

“I’m sorry Mildred, I’m really sorry.”

“No you’re not! You're trying to call help is that what it is?!”

“Please don’t do this to me.”

“I don’t give a s**t about you.”

Bertha then tears as she looks at Absinthe in pure fear; she then covers her eyes as she tries to hold her tears back, but were flooding out.

“Please don’t do this to me sister! I don’t wanna die! I just wanna go home!”

Absinthe then backs up the knife and sits on her bed and does nothing but hold her head in confusion.

“He- Hey!” She sees Bertha trying to pick up the phone, but she knows that’s not gonna happen, “don’t pick up that phone...I’m watching you. Don’t you dare pick up that phone, what the hell did I just told you?”

Bertha then goes on the other queen size bed and sits there watching Absinthe still in fear, but doesn’t wanna get to close.

Absinthe then grabs the bottle of vodka and takes a sip of it.

“Drink this s**t.” Absinthe said to Bertha.

“I don’t want that stuff.” said Bertha.

“...Drink this s**t!” Absinthe demanded as she got up and gets close to Bertha’s face.

“I don’t want to drink that...It looks like it’s for an adult…”

“Oh does it look like I care? Does it look like I want this? Drink it.”

Bertha then takes the bottle.

“Do I have to?”

“Just put your mouth on it, take a sip, and put it down.”

Bertha then puts her mouth around it and takes a sip of it, and once she took a sip she doesn’t seem to like it at all; she then puts it on the table right next to her.

“It tasted bad.”

“You think?” Absinthe then grabs it off the table and takes another sip of vodka, and puts it back on the table.



“If you look in the mirror...You don’t see yourself?”

“...Yeah...Sure...Why not?...”

“...You just don’t see yourself?...”

Absinthe then looks down to the floor and just doesn’t want to be hearing Bertha.

“Well what do you want me to do?...I just don’t know what I’m doing...I never thought of this one through this far in my life…”

“You don’t have to be a meanie Mildred...You’re probably just lost...Henry can help you…”

“Who’s that? The white hedgehog that hangs out with the grey eyed schoolgirl?”

“...Yeah, you can still be a nice person…”

“Not really...I messed enough stuff already...Just just, what do you want from me? What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to take me home,” Bertha then gets up from the queen bed and goes up on Absinthe’s bed, “I don’t want to be mad at. If there’s something that happened to you in the past then just don’t think about it anymore…”

“Well there’s stuff you can’t fix! There’s no way you can forget the stuff that happened badly in the past!”

“We can still try...You can just take me home...I just want to be with Layla and Nyle again...Just please take me home…”

Absinthe just sort of feels bad for Bertha, but still hates her nonetheless; she doesn’t want to take her home but has no choice, even if she wants to kill, Mildred’s ways aren’t letting her like she’s being controlled.


“Really...You’ll take me back to Buraza Town?”

“Yeah, whatever...There’s no way I ain’t gonna go back when I leave that town in the next several days when we get back but yeah...Look, I got...a queen sweet, it was suppose to be a king but instead they changed it or something... So you can sleep on that bed you were sitting on but if I can trust you t-”

“You can trust me sister...You can still trust me…”

“Okay...You better not use any tricks or else, cuz I got that dagger with me.”

“I’m tired...You can trust me.”

“And I’ll take you home…”

“...Okay.” Bertha then gets off of Absinthe’s bed and lays on her own bed of the queen sweet; she then looks that Absinthe is picking back up the vodka bottle, “But I don’t think you should drink that again…”

“...I will do this…” Absinthe takes a sip of vodka and puts it back on the table, “get to sleep alright?” She watches Bertha quickly drifting off to sleep in her own bed.

Then Absinthe just gets up off of her bed and goes to the bathroom looking at herself instead of Mildred in the mirror.

“...Hey Mildred...If there’s any time...You f**king broke a record.” said Absinthe, “...Just say something...I’ll be waiting.”

Not one response came through the mirror. Not even once Mildred has appeared.

Absinthe has no idea how she got Mildred to that mirror and doesn’t know how to get her to appear, but does have an idea. If Bertha wants to see her so badly, then it looks like she has to snap Bertha in the mirror she has in her car.

She runs out of the room for a little bit to get the mirror.

A few minutes later…

When Bertha’s still asleep, Absinthe got back inside very quietly but this time, has her new mirror with her; she then comes over to Bertha and woke her up within a single flick.

Bertha then woke up with a jerk, and turns around but then was held down; she looks at Absinthe in shock.

“Mildred? What are you doing?” Bertha said in fear.

“If you wanna see Mildred again, then you gotta have to do what I say!” said Absinthe as she got the mirror in front of Bertha, “you are gonna stare at this mirror, snap your fingers, and you’ll get transported in here!”

“What? No I don’t wanna do that.”

“Well you’re gonna have to!” Absinthe then grabs the dagger and brings it to her neck, “Now look at the mirror!”

Bertha then does what she says and looks at herself straight in the mirror, and snaps her fingers, and then a white glow suddenly happened in the mirror.

First the mirror froze her and scanned every last bit of her body, and then finally sucked her in the mirror as she yelled, “HELP!!!!!!” then her voice faded to a silent and the mirror turned to normal like Bertha was not even there.

Absinthe then lays the mirror right against the wall and goes inside her bed, and went off to sleep.

To be continued...
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 7
Still working on the storytime video, but it's still taking me awhile since I have to do it again with the first scene. The animation program I was using, failed on me and have to start all over by doing it PNG by PNG.Facepalm But I'm sure I'll do it again, It just looks like I have to do it like how Shgurr does it. Even though some people do animate that way anyway, like how people can animate with paint tool SAI. So I think it'll work that way.

Now on to the references, most of the chapter is a reference based off of the McJuggerNuggets video of The Devil Within Series "third time's the charm." And the scene to when Absinthe goes down the elevator where she sees banners of strawberry lemon pie and Mike Tyson's Punch, were references from the song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory "The Candyman," and the recipe page from an old Nintendo Power magazine.

Mildred, Absinthe, and Bertha belong to me

Nyle belongs to Shgurr

Yandere Simulator characters belong to YandereDev

and Henry the Hedgehog belongs to RaeBae

The Devil Within Chapter 6:
The Devil Within Chapter 8:


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